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Men’s Leather Coat

The jacket or the leather jacket is an essential of the male wardrobe. To be worn all year round if it is warmly lined or in mid-season. Adopt the biker look with the black perfecto jacket for men! Created by Irving Schott, this Punisher Trench Coat is a sure bet in men’s ready-to-wear. Designed by the American Irving Schott (the famous brand of bombers!), The perfect jacket has crossed all currents of pop culture, from Marlon Brando in the 1954 film Punisher and his legendary Punisher Trench Coat in the Thriller clip! sometimes casual-chic with a pair of fashionable sneakers, this is THE timeless jacket that suits everyone. As for colors, sober tones are required with the black punisher coat. Perfect with jeans and a simple white t-shirt.

Real Leather Coat

Attention, collection reserved for hard-to leather. Men’s faux leather jackets from leather Outcome are essentials that no self-respecting fashion is ta can do without. Rock biker-style models for when you arrive in town, classy tailored-style blazers that can be worn at the bar as well as at the office, punisher coat transformed by leather details for a truly luxurious look, you got it, the punisher coat can be worn anywhere, anyway and all year round. So join the rockers and bikers, make yourself pretty and rebellious with a hot punisher coat.


When its material is noble, its irreproachable cut, and its perfect size, the tactical trench coat for men is an ally of choice in terms of style. Both chic and relaxed, the models designed by De Fur sac can accompany you during a trip, a weekend, or an evening in the city. Well-chosen and married with the right pieces, the tactical trench coat will sharpen your silhouette and infuse it with the surplus of energy that also makes for modern elegance.


A simple, well-made t-shirt can do the trick, there’s no rule of elegance to prevent you from wearing a shirt under your men’s leather jacket on sunny days. So opt for a quality cotton model from De Fur sac, and combine it with light chinos if your jacket is dark, or dark otherwise. And when the weather is less favorable, do not hesitate to replace the latter with jeans. Without forgetting to put on a crew-neck sweater that will prevent you from catching a cold, but not from being chic.


To better protect your personal data when purchasing a punisher coat, the INGENICO payment system, which is used by De Fur sac, is perfectly encrypted. Bank Transfer will not be stored or printed on any medium, and no information will circulate on the internet. Because after all, elegance also rhymes with confidence

Men’s Leather Jacket: One Of  The Wardrobe Essentials

Our extensive line of punisher coat offers protection from the elements, in a variety of styles, colors, and lengths. No wardrobe is complete without a jacket that can accompany a wide variety of outfits for all occasions. The punisher coat offers an easy way to add a touch of elegance to any look. It is a timeless garment that can be worn over all your tops, ideally in mid-season. For formal occasions or for a touch of sophistication on a daytime outfit, try one of our collarless leather jackets. Some other models will give you a more modern and relaxed style, like the biker jacket. A tip to have a young and dynamic look in the blink of an eye! You will also find in our collection mid-length leather jackets, which go down to half of the thighs, which offer greater protection against the rain and the autumn wind. Unearth a leather blazer to wear even indoors that will enhance your outfit. From classic black to autumnal brown through more flashy colors such as red or blue, the men’s leather jacket is available almost endlessly to give you a wide choice.

Various Details And Colors To Vary The Outfits With A Leather Jacket For Men

Find in our leather outcome collection simple leather jackets for men, with zipping or button closure according to your preference. Other models are available with more details that add a touch of originality and make them unique. A punisher leather jacket with side belts on the bottom of the garment or on the cuffs, for example, will give you a decidedly rock n roll look. Even if nowadays, this model adapts more easily to more classic outfits. Some of our punisher leather jacket have horizontal zipped pockets on the chest, diagonal rather than at the ribs or even on the arms. Have fun with the different collars: classic collar, high collar, shirt collar, or perfecto type collar, there is a choice!

Our punisher leather jacket are available in a range of diverse and varied colors such as bright red or darker burgundy, forest green, or even navy blue. They are not ordinary but will give all the more originality to your outfit and dynamism for sure. For men looking for something more classic, opt for our range of leather jackets in black, brown, or beige. Either way, there is something for everyone.

How To Wear A Leather Jacket?

Frond e use, imposing, reckless: authentic clothing of a character, the leather jacket rarely goes unnoticed while remaining, ultimately, easy to tame. Demonstration.

Technical clothing transformed into the height of chic, the punisher trench coat is now mainstream. Once rebellious, under the influence of iconic designers, she traded her anti-establishment aura to adopt a purely stylistic vocation.

Brands like Leather Outcome in the USA are thus specialists in leather overcoats, combining textile know-how and North American influences, the piece remaining a trophy garment that we buy for life, or almost. The nineties will come, which will adorn the punisher trench coat as a timeless fashion, just like the little black dress or the essential denim.

It was then worn like a classic jacket, the tweed of which would have been replaced by tanned skin, before giving way from the to its biker version, the perfecto imposing itself in all wardrobes like a tidal wave. -tide. At a time when influences are

How To Wear The Leather Jacket In Spring-Summer

If it is humanly impossible to wear it once the mercury is high, the leather jacket remains the ideal companion for spring days, cool evenings, and mornings. Like Bella Hadid, you can put it on in a hurry over a white tank top and palazzo pants or, on the contrary, prefer a red leather jacket to invigorate white pants.

Perfecto version, the shameless leather jacket just as well a suede mini-skirt as an immaculate summer dress and comes to bring an additional touch of character to a little black dress that one might suspect of excess classicism.

Finally, the more daring can pair it with high-waisted shorts or colorful leggings, willingly surfing the ambient retro wave. The whole thing being, of course, to have fun.

How To Wear The Leather Jacket In Fall-Winter

Mid-season overcoat par excellence, the leather jacket invites itself in the fall by slipping on, in its nineties version on a fine turtleneck lined with mom jeans and vintage heels, as is the case for example. Linda Tol.

We also validate the silhouette of Caroline Is a who takes advantage of her light the punisher trench coat to unsheathe the most elegant shades of autumnal colors, combining a fine V-neck knit with well-cut pants.

With winter approaching, we dare to take shelter under the punisher trench coat, the one inspired by Acne’s bestseller, which we wear preferably with slim pants and boots, flat or with heels, to balance everything out. , the skirts and dresses hardly adapting to its exuberant volume.