Pros and Cons of traveling by electric bicycles

A traditional bicycle trip or an electric bicycle trip

With some exceptions, the disadvantages of traveling by electric bicycle outweigh the increase in comfort. But you should know that most of the opinions come from those who travel long distances. For a few weeks’ holiday, philosophy is certainly different, and we can organize ourselves in different ways.

Dependence on electricity

The biggest disadvantage of traveling by electric bicycle is that you need to charge the battery. Generally speaking, we like to travel by bike because it provides a certain degree of freedom of action, complete autonomy and the possibility of walking far without relying on anyone.

If the autonomy of electric bicycle increases year by year, it is still equivalent to a good riding day. With these, our cherished campsite has a new form and becomes more complex. Then the days in the wilderness will be over. You must find a power outlet at some time to charge the battery. The dependence on electricity connects us with modern humans, just like a barnacle on a rock.

The most important thing is battery life

With batteries, we no longer have long days. For happiness or just to challenge ourselves, we let our bodies continue their tracks. 80km, 120km, 150km. Oh, no, the battery only has 70 kilometers of automatic driving! A small collar and turn in the stride is enough. The electric mountain bike driving on Kutta Mountain broke down before it reached the end of the mountain pass. It’s 38 kilometers on the odometer, and I’ve saved for everything. Electric assisted bicycles, even at a minimum, use batteries because they must be connected to the power supply to drive and react like “traditional” bicycles. When the battery runs out, you will have a feeling (most of the time, but not always obvious), just like pushing an old bicycle, on which we add 40 kg of luggage.


Electric bicycles are often forbidden on planes and buses. There is no doubt that this situation will change in the next few years, but for now, it is a rule. This is very complicated for ordinary bicycles. It becomes very complicated. Because buses are a good (if not almost the only) alternative to trains. Because sometimes it is necessary to go to a place where a person wants to go or return in an emergency.

In addition, the weight of the bike is so high, plus all the problems we found in the files, taking the train must be a more unpleasant task. Hanging a 16kg bike is very complicated for me. I can’t imagine what a 26kg electric bike looks like.

Effects of Larvae on Ecology

Obviously, there is a problem with more and more electric bicycles on greenways and bicycle lanes. Ecology. Because if the manufacturing process of traditional tourist bicycles is not perfect, their advantage is that they can be used for a lifetime, or almost. Most importantly, once a bicycle is obtained, its impact on the environment is limited.

Electric bike travel.. But wait

We can still add some small defects when using electric bicycles to travel, but we will have the impression of making independent articles. We understand its use in some cases, but we do not intend to emphasize it in this blog.

Traditional bicycles are often overestimated. The admiration we have aroused is unreasonable, but it is nourished by the environmental discourse of the “mind”, “surpassing oneself and one’s own limits”. We understand that under such circumstances, it is difficult for us to predict and say that almost everyone can ride a bicycle.

The fact is that people have a misconception about cycling that it is synonymous with exercise, sweat and endorphins. Of course, sometimes it is difficult. The body must get used to movements, postures and physical activities. Some crawls sting. But if you follow an electric bicycle route like the Kedron Brook bicycle path.

In the United States, if your travel bike has a good transmission, there is no reason to have difficulties.

Is it a traditional bicycle trip or an electric bicycle trip? This question is sincerely raised and deserves serious consideration, because it is certain that you will treat travel differently! It’s up to you!