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Power Graphics Announces Affordable Outdoor Display Printing Services

Sandy, UT ( ) Mar 07, 2023 – Power Graphics Digital Imaging Inc. is a Utah-based printing and display company with a diverse clientele. Individual consumers as well as Fortune 500 companies do business with Power Graphics. One of their most sought-after services is their outdoor display printing service.

Other companies try to pass off displays that are meant for indoor use as suitable outdoor displays, but they don’t. They specialize in designing and creating products that are meant for outdoor use. For instance, they make graphics for vehicles, as well as vehicle wraps, that are rigid and designed to last a long time.

“We offer a wide selection of floor graphics and other outdoor displays, all of which can be used without damaging the floor or leaving adhesive residue when removed. We offer both budget-friendly and high-end products and printing services, and we make it easy for customers to find what they need. Whether you need a short- or long-term display, we can help.” This coming from a spokesperson for Power Graphics.

“All our floor graphics are safe. We only use materials that are designed to be used on floors,” adds the spokesperson. The outdoor displays sold by Power Graphics can be used as real estate sign post , campaign signs, yard signs, banners, window graphics, decals, and murals. The murals can cover an entire building.

The company also offers eco-friendly printing services, like printing on materials that are free of PVC and recyclable. They can even print with environmentally friendly inks. The company’s paper prints are also eco-friendly, as they’re produced from wood pulp. These paper prints are used as posters, signs, legal graphics, and photo enlargements.

“Besides paper prints, we also offer a range of eco-friendly banners, window clings, window graphics, outdoor sidewalk decals, backlit graphics , and vehicle graphics,” adds the spokesperson. Clients who wish to know more about this company’s various printing services are encouraged to call, email, or reach out via live chat on their site.

About Power Graphics

Power Graphics Digital Imaging Inc. is a Utah-based printing and display company that offers a range of printing supplies and services. Among other products, they sell floor graphics, outdoor banner stands, real estate signposts, and outdoor signs .

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