Perfectdiary launched the happy glow collection version

Perfectdiary launched the happy glow collection version of its new product this spring. It has been reduced by its appearance alone. The outer box is exquisite, and the Pearl meteor ball powder is fine, light and transparent. It also contains glitter powder, which can make the skin more shiny. The makeup is more comfortable and even. The overall makeup will look very shiny, and people look very energetic.

Perfectdiary’s loose powder has four different colors, which can be adjusted at will to suit your skin color. Atomized pearl particles are as light, uniform and delicate as feathers, and there will be no flying powder and stuck powder. The powder makeup that can fit naturally shapes the natural contour, improves the natural luster of the skin, and makes the makeup transparent and delicate. There is a little whitening effect, the face is not dry, and the makeup effect is long-lasting. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to take powder.

Perfectdiary’s honey powder can create a matte white makeup effect. Oil control is particularly good. You can hold makeup all day in summer. Mixed oil is necessary for oily skin, which is not very suitable for dry skin. This one has family clothes and portable clothes. The portable clothes are small and it is very convenient to fill powder.