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Perfect diary for New Year’s gifts

The year of the rabbit is just around the corner. The perfect diary presents the new year’s“Blossom” series, the new animal eye shadow series, the“Lucky Rabbit” eye shadow tray, and the new year’s“Blossom” business card lip glaze, create a happy new year together, Happy New Year Makeup, welcome the rabbit year of the Spring Festival. With the good luck of flowers with good expectations, a beauty diary with you to build a flowers road, meet a colorful and bright new self, for the rabbit new year“Makeup” on good intentions.

Flowers have good luck, and new design to greet the year of the Rabbit Red New Year

At the beginning of the new year, I look forward to the spring noise, waiting for flowers to bloom. Perfect Diary is a pioneer of practicing”China’s beauty”, constantly exploring the diversified ways of female charm, and making use of make-up products to help women pursue the infinite possibilities of life. This time, a perfect diary was inspired by the bustling scene of flowers blooming in the new year and was inspired by the Chinese New Year custom of visiting flower markets and offering flowers for the new year, in the rabbit year makeup trend of the Chinese new year with the hope of”Good luck with flowers”, the launch of new year”Flowers” series products, the traditional Chinese festival cultural elements into product design and expression, show the charm of spring flowers color matching makeup.

Flowers dot the lips, a touch of good luck. Perfect Diary new year’s”Blossom” series also includes a new popular line new year’s”Blossom” business card lip glaze, to send the first touch of good luck in the New Year. The pink and two-color shell is matched with a brocade of flowers. The name card tube is designed to look like a lucky raft hanging on the new year flowers, and the words of lucky flowers are engraved on it, “The peach blossom”, “The rich flower” and so on flower language displays”The flower opens the good luck” the New Year Happy Prospect.

Perfect Diary constantly explores women’s needs for make-up and strives to create a more diverse and dynamic oriental women’s self-confidence style. After continuous tracing and innovation, the year of the rabbit, the brand created an animal eyeshadow series of new efforts to make the “Lucky Rabbit” eyeshadow disc, the appearance of the design to”Good luck, Rabbit Good News” as inspiration, using three-dimensional frosted technology, a lovely rabbit plush state, and extract the spring festival flowers color, the symbol of”Good luck” in the Red Anthurium and fireworks burst surrounded by, in the meantime, the craft of Golden Scallion is cleverly selected to present a sense of new year ceremony and to convey the good intention of”Flowers are good luck” at the beginning of the New Year, take a warm blessing for the coming year.

New  selection, flower color matching to create patterns of good luck makeup

New Year“Blossom” business card’s new orange, and pink shell corresponds to the dual selection of texture, and the color number corresponds to the four lucky“Flower language”, meaning“Flowers have good luck” to enhance the new year look good. Orange-pink business card selection of classic velvet texture, dense delicate lip make-up immediately available: Bright and Gentle # 299 is Peach Blossom, Bright Peach Pink Brown, a touch of New Year atmosphere; atmospheric high-end # 168 casual flowers, orange powder peony-like outstanding, suitable for a variety of scenes in the New Year, the interpretation of the high-level outstanding gas field. The light pink business card uses the water light lip dew texture, the water does not stick greasy for the make-up to add the breath clear feeling: the elegant and charming # 188 rich flower, the Anthurium’s rich deep red, with the noble and precious feeling to startle the beginning of the year; Full of vitality # 233 music bloom, apricot blossom color daily, lively and pleasant show flexible.