Myths and Facts about Cell Phone Accessories

Cell phone accessories are the main factor when it comes to adding more support to our devices. They give a sense of personalization that gives an identity to your particular smartphone. Alas, troublesome rumors arise every day to make you doubt the safety levels of your device accessories. Social media has taken it upon itself to spread rumors now and then about the things we love. That thing is our mobile phone accessories in this case. You may be wondering, “Are the cell phone accessories near me seriously that unsafe? “While you should always prioritize your health and safety, it is best to be aware of false information around you. Let’s take a look at some rumors to find out their authenticity.

Cell Phone Chargers are An Explosive Hazard

We often hear news online about cell phone wall chargers exploding. This news will naturally make people worried if the charger they’re using is safe. As long as you use these phone accessories the way they are supposed to be, there should be no explosion. However, it does not change the fact that wall chargers do explode if misused. There are lots of reasons that can cause it. The charger can short-circuit in some cases due to an unstable voltage, and the protective mechanism stops. Secondly, the battery of the cell phone can explode without charging if it is defective. These are some of the reasons for the potential explosion of a wall charger. The evidence makes the rumor true, which is why it is crucial to use our chargers properly.

Public Phone Charging Stations are Unsafe

Public charging stations are undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary mobile accessories to be invented. We often find our cell phones low on battery while we are out and about. Even though these charging stations have provided much-needed assistance in these scenarios, they do leave your devices vulnerable. Cybersecurity specialists have warned us that charging your phone through these stations leaves you susceptible to data leaks. Some people may ask themselves, “Can someone actually hack into these cell phone accessories near me?” The answer is yes. Hackers can access your information on public stations and could potentially exploit you for personal gains. These hackers usually upload malware into the charging station or the USB cable, giving them access to sensitive information such as precious passwords. The dangers of public charging are very much real, and that is why it is advisable to keep a battery pack with you instead.

Power Banks Only Work for a Short Time before Becoming Inefficient

Some people mistakenly accept the rumor of power banks losing their efficiency after a few charges. Even though that may be the case for a poor-quality portable charger you find online, it isn’t for a decent one. Power banks can be charged and discharged hundreds of times before they begin to lose their efficiency. Consequently, they can last several years under the proper usage. Nonetheless, maintenance is essential if you want these cell phone accessories to last as long as possible. The prudent action would be to charge your inactive power bank every three months to prevent any damage from over-discharge.  

A Screen Protector is Necessary to Prevent Scratches and Cracks

Even though this may have been considered correct in the past, it may not be anymore. The mobile touch screen used to be quite fragile. However, most smartphones have made giant leaps in the durability department. Ever since the invention of the Corning Gorilla Glass, every smartphone implements either it or some form of it. It is a heavy-duty material, much more durable than a screen protector. Alas, a high impact drop can still shatter Corning Gorilla Glass. Hence, these phone accessories are quite useful as they can act as a sacrificial layer for the phone’s screen.

VR Headsets are Harmful for The Eyes

These headsets are one of the latest cell phone accessories to give your phone a whole new depth and a more immersive experience. VR headsets have two monitors projected at each eye. The closeness of the screens has made eye specialists theorize on the potential dangers. The digital eye strain from this accessory may contribute to eye conditions such as shortsightedness and myopia. There are also other possible infirmities for adults, such as sensations of nausea and disorientation known as virtual reality sickness.


There are new myths and facts about accessories surfacing every single day. Even though there may be some truth to them, you should always check your facts. Blindly accepting something is never a smart move. Regardless of the potential harms of some mobile accessories, they are essential for our devices. If you are interested in getting your hands on these top-quality accessories, countless online suppliers ship all over Canada.

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