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Multiple Housing Option On Offer From Revanta Multi State CGHS

23.08.2019 – It was not very long ago when there was a surge in real estate activity in Dwarka. The government, seeing the rising housing needs, had chalked out Dwarka as the latest suburb of the capital. Very quickly the developers came up with affordable projects and a great many middle-class families found a good home.

However, there are some developers who are way ahead in the race. Revanta Multi State CGHS is again going to contribute to Dwarka’s reputation as an affordable cooperative housing option in the capital. And, as one home buyer very keen on their project told us, they are sticking to the ideal with which they have always worked: well-planned housing in green and infrastructure rich localities.

Today, Delhi is facing the same situation again. There has been a rise in middle-class families living and working in the city. However, instead of looking somewhere else, the solution lies in Dwarka itself. Of course, there was a lot of lands that remained undeveloped in earlier phases. Government and developers are now again taking stock of this vacant land.

The projects are Revanta Shah ne Eram and Officers Boulevard. Hence, it will cater to the housing needs of everyone from a young professional new in her career and families with kids and senior citizens at home.

On DDA’s part, the solution is the land pooling policy. With this, they want to encourage landowners and farmers to pool their land to form larger wholes so as to develop spacious and well-laid out residential and commercial infrastructure. Of course, on this land developers would plan projects after the pooling process.

When it comes to location, you cannot find a better one in present-day Delhi. Dwarka is on the way to becoming the first smart city suburb of Delhi. And, L zone is going to be the star of this development. With the implementation of Land Pooling Policy, it would enjoy the best city level infrastructure that any part of Delhi has seen.

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