Modi Government Gives A Fitness Challenge To School Goers

Ever given a thought that how does your child spend the spare time???

Firstly there is hardly any spare time left with the burden of studies, and the remaining slot which is left is always captured by the technical gadgets and the idiot box hanging on your house walls.

Look closely, and try to analyze is your child able to play football for 30 min continuously/ can your child stand on one leg for 60 seconds without falling/ are you finding the increased BMI as a red-alert?

These are some of the most commonly found issues in the kids of today’s society, where we all boast to give them the BEST EDUCATION and the CAREER OPPORTUNITIES, but when it comes to giving a boost to their personal well-being, this gets highly compromised on the excuses of schedule and burden of peer-pressure.

I don’t need to mention, but the callous attitude shown today takes a toll on your kids’ health tomorrow, which would lend you in a regretful situation. L

At the outset of promoting the health and fitness amongst every Indian, #humfittohindiafit, this mere hashtag trend has reached to a new level where the Indians are jotting their heads together to inspire and encourage the younger troop from India to come forward and stay fit.

The Centre has planned to introduce a plan to assess the fitness level of school-going children and identify future sporting stars.

What Is This Plan???

This proposed plan would be called ‘Khelo India National Fitness Assessment Programme’, which would cover every school body present in India.

Under this programme, there would be a mobile app, through which schools, students, and parents, can monitor the child’s fitness.

How It Would Help???

The potential and the level of skills Indians hold are beyond the measurement, and this largely goes unaware, due to the lack of available required resources.

With this plan, India would scale up on the chart of every game, not just the cricket on the global front, and there would be a number of Antonie Griezmann, Sania Mirza, Sachin Tendulkar to name a few.

To surpass the gender disparity, this fitness programme would cover boys and girls as well as differently-abled children to nurture the talent from its core.

Cosco team applauds the decision taken by the Modi Government and support the ‘Khelo India’ plan with the best sports equipment.

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