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Every parent wants to teach their child the best quality of education and manners. That all happens if a child is going in a school which the school helps the child to learn these with proper growth. There are many top schools in gurgaon but to make sure that the school is really the best is quite challenging. But in this post you are going to find out which comes number one in one of the top schools in gurgaon. The school which beats other is GD Goenka Signature School. This school is located in Sohna road Gurgaon. The school sprawls for 20 acres of land , and this tells that the school is filled with all the facilities.

. It has a 60,000 sq. ft. sports indoor complex which is one the largest indoor sports complex. A school is a place where a child finds out what he is going to be, and nowadays sports is one of the hot topics among children as a career. The school will help to encourage and support the child who will need it. It is CBSE affiliated school so it will include all the subjects that are needed to be taught to the students. Not only academics and sports facilities do not make this school as one of the best school in gurgaon but the labs with robotics, 3D printing, and carpentry and cultural hub did too.

For students who are going to study from outside Delhi , they will be provided with the best facilities as well. The boarding facilities are enjoyed not by international and out-of-station students but by many who opt to become weekly boarders.
The boarding house provides a positive environment to the students, girls and boys reside in separate boarding houses. The rooms are fully air-conditioned with four beds in each room along with individual space for study storage and rest.

One of the most asked questions for a boarding school is about safety as safety comes first then anything for a child. The safety and security of students is paramount importance to school as well. The campus has 24X7 security cover and over 1000 CCTV cameras to ensure the safety and security of students. Fire sprinklers, alarms, and smoke detectors have been placed at regular intervals and are routinely checked. Various drills are conducted regularly and protocol is in place for different scenarios.

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