Lok Sabha Speaker accepts no-trust motion, discussion and choice on weekday.

NEW DELHI: after an oversized chunk of opposition parties joined hands to bring a no-confidence motion against the Modi government on Wednesday, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan admitted the motion below the name of TDP member K Srinivas and fixed weekday for discussion and choice on the motion.  As the overwhelming numerical superiority of the BJP-led NDA government within the House can facilitate the ruling establishment to vote down the motion with ease, several calculations have worked behind the opposition’s push to press ahead with the motion, the Speaker’s admission of it and also the government hospitable headcount within the House.

The Speaker had refused to admit the YSR Congress MPs’ notice for no-confidence motion within the last session by dispute that “the home is not in order” because of protests from TDP and AIADMK MPs tight special class standing for AP and Cauvery water-sharing judicature problems — resulting in the opposition’s charge that the govt was stage managing the House protests to skirt the trust motion. However, this time, Mahajan promptly admitted the motion, ironically brought by the TDP, once ascertaining that over fifty MPs supported it. She gave Srinivas permission to move the motion on the grounds that his notice reached her initial. although Congress and different parties too demanded the symptom along of their motions, they later in agreement with the Speaker’s call.


Incidentally, there was nobody to stage a protest within the Well of the House (thus creating “house not in order” reason irrelevant) once the Speaker known as out for transfer the no-trust motion. before long once the Speaker admitted the motion, the parliamentary affairs minister said the govt was able to face opposition’s move and claimed that the prime minister has growing support across the country.

Despite knowing their numerical disadvantage, the Congress-led opposition can create use of the no-trust motion as an illustration of their determination against the govt. The last time a no-confidence motion was moved was in 2003 by Sonia Gandhi against the Vajpayee regime, that the NDA won well. By transfer the motion currently, these Opposition parties also denied the Modi government the record of finishing its tenure without facing no-confidence motions. This currently makes UPA-2 regime, led by Manmohan Singh, the sole coalition government that completed its tenure while not facing a no-trust motion. Senior opposition leaders, as well as Rahul Gandhi, are possible to talk throughout the talk. The opposition leaders feel the Speaker’s move to carry the no-trust check only for on a daily basis, that too on the weekday, can limit the scope of discussion.