List Of Some Best Light Novels

Best Light Novels

Here Is the list of some of the best Light Novels

Return of the Female Knight Novel

Return of the Female Knight Novel is a Korean internet novel which in generic point of view Action Fantasy Josei Romance and the novelist Lee Halin is the author of this novel and he’s comprised his this internet novel story with a female person who’s not a housewife or simple woman or woman like another but carrying another job with her that is of female knight to protect her loved ones.

This is a particular story and the main character in the novel is a female name, Elena who’s a female knight cold-blooded and impolite and who spent her whole life as a cold-blooded female knight to avenge her loved ones, but sadly, a tragedy happened and she just died inside without taking her revenge up or ended up dying without asserting her revenge. While studying the Return of the Female Knight Light Novel

Douluo Dalu Novel

Douluo Dalu Novel is a Chinese internet novel whose author is Tang Jia San Shao. Generally opinion, it conveys the Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Romance Shounen Xuanhuan.

The narrative starts with the Tang Sect. This sect is known to be renowned of all of the sects in the martial art. But unfortunately, it is secret because of which he had been on the top from the martial world was stolen and those were stolen to match his dreams from Tang San. He committed an unforgivable sin or offense and simply ran away not from the sect but from the life. He just hands his secret heritage to the sect and jumped out of the fearsome hells summit.

But in this Douluo Dalu web Novel Tang San could have never imagined he would live another life in another world this could reincarnate him in a different world, this place was magic, martial arts, and grudges. This was the land where spirits have mysterious powers and the conflict lay.

Super Gene light Novel

Super Gene Light Novel is a Chinese internet novel whose author is Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel. The primary genre’s participation in this novel is Action Adventure Comedy Martial Arts Mecha School Life Sci-fi Xuanhuan. It’s a sci-fi novel where the writer talks about another era. The world with several differences from the current age.

Inside This Super Gene Web Novel, The future unfolded on a magnificent scale to the Interstellar Age. This age wasn’t different but it was new because there was no past nor future. Humanity used technology to get to the location where they wrapped the future and past. But they also saw that there was any existence of starry skies also.
The people which moved them to the entire new world were a mysterious sanctuary and it was the planet full of uncountable tyrannical odd organisms. Humanity was in a issue and confronted their great leap in development. Beginning the most glorious new age under the starry skies.

The Beginning after the end

The Beginning after the end is a light novel, and the narrative of the novel revolves around the notion of reincarnation. The main character of this novel is Arthur leywin, who had been a king. Still, before getting the king, he had been an orphan, and he and his buddies used to steal money to produce a living as the terms of the orphanage weren’t good.

Still, then the headmaster of the orphanage was murdered, Arthur adored her as a mother he then enrolled into a cadet school because he wants to take revenge against the man who murdered the headmaster of the orphanage and his sole objective is to become the his new life his named is shifted from Arthur to Grey.

Like a king in his prior life, he stood on top of his nation as the finest in battle, but soonhe had been murdered by poison. After his death, he’s born again as a young boy, is a dream world, and a gorgeous woman named Alice is his mother The Beginning after the end Novel and a strong man as his dad in that world. In the few weeks where he remained in that world, he attempts to determine how he ends up there and how he died.

Solo Leveling Light Novel

Solo Leveling is a Complete Korean net novel written by Sung-Lak. This novel encompasses a completely new idea of a dream. Covering various genres such as Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen and Webtoons, this one will be worth your time.

Solo leveling novel is filled with action, excitement, and experience. All of it started strangely when doorway portal seen on the ground. Since the gate of dungeon world opened up for monster hunter. The most experienced professional hunter gained access and entered in this searching route. The dungeon gate was the invitational accessibility for the monster hunter to cut the flesh and then flow the blood of the creature into the valley

In addition, he entered the searching valley of predators in the dungeon valley for monster hunting but because of a less skilled person he wasn’t able to hunt creatures he had been e ranked in searching and it was the lowest position of hunters

The novel story is a hunting story where hunters are merely hunting creature to higher their position and earn more. And more by killing the monster because it provides them the social pride, dignity and wealth. However, jin woo is a destitute hunter and wasn’t able to satisfy his or her mother’s expenses.