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Plastic Bag Free Day – 3 July

Plastic pollution is a global disaster and sadly it is a man-made one. Did you know that approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used on a worldwide scale? Just think about how many of these bags will finish up littered all over the planet. This is having an extremely damaging effect on the environment, wildlife and indeed human health.

The marine ecosystem, in general, is truly suffering as a result of plastic pollution. 31 species of marine mammals are known to have swallowed marine plastic whilst over 100 species of sea birds have eaten plastic artefacts. Over 250 species have become trapped in plastic, although entanglement rates of approximately eight per cent have been discovered in some sea lion and seal species.

This pollution is also vastly dangerous because it is leading to the transportation of Pest species, which can have a catastrophic influence on biodiversity. We are not unsusceptible from the impact either. Plastic particles in the ocean attract toxins, which affects us, as the toxins enter the food chain. International Plastic Bag Free Day is dedicated to enhancing awareness about these and very real and pressing issues brought about by this most popular disposable carrying device. We are nudged that those bags we pick up from the retailers are used for an incredibly short time, usually under 25 minutes, and are then disposed of.

They may leave our minds at that point, but they do not leave our world. Plastic bags can endure anywhere from 100 to 500 years before entirely decomposing, and as a result, they have a significant environmental impact. Out in the great reaches of the ocean are massive reefs made up of all kinds of plastic waste, and plastic bags play heavily among them. The problem is so large that these massive floating islands stretch for hundreds of kilometres, like vast monuments to humanity’s wastefulness and contempt for the environment.

International Plastic Bag Free Day allows us an opportunity to remind ourselves, and others, that every action we take, and every bag we discard, has an impact on the lives of everyone in the globe for future generations.

History of International Plastic Bag Free Day:

International Plastic Bag Free Day was established by Bag Free World. It was founded as a global initiative to eliminate the use of single-use plastic bags all over the world. It’s all about promoting environmental conservation by encouraging everyone to avoid using plastic bags in favour of more environmentally friendly alternatives.

If we can do it on this date, then we can do it for the rest of the year on the same, right? The day is also significant in terms of raising awareness of the dangers and the devastation that plastic bags do to marine life, animal life, and ecology. So, on this occasion, it’s important to raise awareness and utilise your voice.

What can you do to commemorate International Plastic Bag-Free Day?

There are numerous methods to celebrate, and the simplest requires a simple resolution on your behalf. Choose paper over plastic, even if only for one day, or better yet, carry your own bags to the store to pick up your purchases. Customers who bring their own items may be eligible for discounts or other benefits at some establishments.

If you want to get even more involved, go to to help coordinate events, network with others in your zone and all around the world who are trying to make a difference, or find an event to volunteer and help with yourself! There’s also a topic to alert your fellow plastic bag-free people about a bag-free day!

Among the most common activities for International, Plastic Bag Free Day are simple gatherings of people walking roadways, beaches, and rivers and uplift all the garbage they find there. A disturbing amount. Hundreds of millions of pounds of plastic bags will clog oceans, rivers, and the global environment in the future. The problem has reached the stage that what was once clean sand on the world’s beaches is now being discovered to be formed of natural composites and waste plastic.

There are a variety of ways that you can celebrate International Plastic Bag Free Day. There is One option is to make your own bag and also inspire others. If you take a look online, you will see that there are a lot of various issues and craft ideas when it comes to making your own bag. Not only does this ensure that you reduce your use of plastic, but you can also create a one-of-a-kind bag.