Know more about PT 141

Do you experience pain while having sexual intercourse? Can’t remember the last time you had an orgasm? Find it difficult to become aroused? If your answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, PT 141 has your back. Here’s why health experts are so bullish about this supplement.

PT 141 is an exciting peptide hormone that improves sexual function in both males and females. This synthetic peptide treats the issue of erectile dysfunction and decreased libido in men. Several women who hadn’t experienced sexual arousal in years became sexually active after using it.

Anecdotal evidence isn’t the only reason why we trust this synthetic aphrodisiac. Various human studies and clinical trials have connected the dots between PT 141 and an improvement in sexual function. Overwhelming scientific evidence in its favor is why FDA has approved PT 141.  

Excited to know more about this super-effective supplement? In this PT141 guide, you’ll get to know everything about PT 141. We’ll start by discussing what this synthetic peptide is. Next, we’ll focus on its benefits and side effects, before wrapping up with the PT 141 dosage guidelines.

PT 141 is a melanocortin-based peptide. It was initially developed to help premenopausal women, who experience reduced sexual desire for no apparent reason. Over the years, though, it has shown promise for everyone, including 50% of impotent males Viagra can’t help. [R]

That both of them are aphrodisiacs doesn’t mean PT 141 and Viagra act similarly. Viagra does its job by increasing blood flow to the penis. PT 141, on the contrary, goes straight to the brain. From there, it switches on the neural circuit responsible for making you feel sexually aroused.

This approach helps it kill two birds with one stone. PT 141 can help you achieve and maintain an erection for extended periods (something Viagra can also do). It can also help you get in the mood (something Viagra cannot). Little wonder, then, some users state it’s a panacea for all their sexual issues. [R]

In short, PT 141 is a phenomenal way to improve sexual desire, sexual arousal, and to improve overall sexual activity. It may help treat sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction as well.

verview of Benefits & Effects

In the following sections, we’ll look at what researchers have to say about PT 141. But before that, let’s have a quick glance at its benefits and potential drawbacks.


Might Treat Female Sexual Dysfunction

Might Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Increase Sexual Desire

Enhances Libido

Improvement In Sexual Performance

Side Effects


High Blood Pressure (In Extremely Rare Cases)

Most users who take PT 141 properly notice a huge increase in sexual health, and noticeable improvements in erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction.

In short, PT 141 is an effective supplement for treating sexual dysfunction and other sexual arousal disorders. Even if you are sexually active and have no symptoms of male erectile dysfunction, it can take you from “normal” to “great” in bed.

PT 141’s primary benefit is treating erectile dysfunction. This synthetic peptide therapy has brought about erectile activity in persons with mild-to-moderate ED. It was observed that the first erection appeared within half an hour of the first dose.

Other benefits of PT 141 include improvement in low sexual desire, enhanced mood and an improvement in the overall sexual experience. These benefits, in turn, might result in an improvement in self-esteem and improved relationships with your partner.