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Kasol Kheerganga | A Beautiful Destination In Himachal pradesh

The first occasion when I caught wind of Kheerganga was right around three years back when I originally went to Kasol with a group of young ladies. 

The first occasion when I found out about Kheerganga was right around three years back when I originally went to Kasol with a pack of young ladies. Individuals said it’s a significant wonderful trek yet not something which should be possible no problem at all. From that point forward I have been interested and was searching for an organization to go to Kheerganga. 

It was just a year ago that I figured out how to discover similarly invested individuals to go on that trek. 

Day I 

We as a whole met at Shivaji Stadium as it was the gathering point from where we boarded our Tempo Traveler transport. After the underlying presentations, we started to appreciate the music and the blue lights inside the transport that set the ideal state of mind for us all. We took a refueling break at Murthal for supper and after a yummy portion of aloo pyaz ka paratha and dahi with blended pickle, we set out toward the street once more. Scarcely anybody rested in the transport including myself and the purpose behind this was the steady jabber of my kindred explorer. 

Day II 

Our driver was a little laid back and drove at a restful pace. At 5.30 am, we had quite recently crossed Chandigarh. The morning began with a stopover at a neighborhood Dhaba where we appreciated tea and bread toasts; after the restless night, it appeared to be a much-needed reprieve. It was a day of numerous breaks since we nearly halted, at any rate, multiple times on our approach to Barsaini. First at Bilaspur, at that point, after But for some bread omelet, lastly at Kasol where we as a whole got new and looked for some vital things for our night camp at Kheerganga. When we came to Barsaini it was 5 pm. 

The streets from Manikaran to Barsaini are uneven and it took us very nearly 1 ½ hour to reach there. A few of us were at first hesitant in proceeding with the underlying arrangement of trekking to Kheerganga as it would have been dim and trekking around evening time was something that nearly frightened us all. Be that as it may, let me concede, we had an extremely eager gathering with us. We as a whole chose to face the challenge with two sun oriented lights and three blaze lights we had in our rucksacks. We took endowments from the close by the sanctuary and began with the trek at 5.30 pm. We had great trek guides with us with 8 years of involvement with driving campaigns on different peaks, these two folks were our good examples. They knew precisely who required inspiration, who required a hand while going upslope and furthermore they were wherever attempting to push all the languid bones. Our objective was to reach Kheerganga in about 4.30 hours. The principal group came precisely at 10.30 pm and the last cluster figured out how to arrive at the peak at 11:05 pm. So I would state we were strike into the target. On our way to the top, we could just hear the relentless waterway and the successive humming of bugs. By and by it terrified me, after Rudranaag I was prepared to surrender, my correct foot was tormenting a result of a prior tendon physical issue I had a year back. All gratitude to our trek heads who actually hauled me and propelled me all through the way. At last, we as a whole arrived at our cabin called Lonely Planet Guest House and extended our legs yet nobody was in temperament to rest, it was as were we ‘glad high’ from our ongoing accomplishment of trekking around evening time to Kheerganga. Guitar, music, playing a game of cards and some great time set the tone straight for the evening. 

Day III 

I woke up to a view that was wonderful to such an extent that it sent me in a daze. Immense mountains encompassed our cabin, the nippy morning breeze was inviting, there was no hint of sun and one could see lavish green scenes all around. In the wake of requesting our morning meal, we as a whole went for a shower to the close by heated water spring. The heated water spring has separate washing territories for guys and females. A heated water shower was something that we as a whole were longing for following a five-hour trek the previous evening. It was so unwinding and had a quieting impact on the body just as on the spirit. A few of us went to the close by the sanctuary for standard endowments from the nearby divinity there. We began our trek back to Barshaini after breakfast at 11:30 am. A useful tidbit the nourishment accessible in Kheerganga is normal, attempt to stay away from parathas here and the Maggi is sleek to the point that one could reuse it in making another dish. It took us 3.30 hours to reach back to Barshaini as we took a stopover at Rudranag where we clicked our first gathering photograph and interfaced with Sadhus who continued approaching us for cash. We were prepared to return to Delhi at the earliest opportunity, as our rushed lives were ringing our morning timers for work the following day, yet who could be mightier than nature. The minute we came to Barsaini and began to Kasol, only a 3kms away, we were halted overwhelmingly. We got deferred by right around two hours however couldn’t do a lot. So we savored the egg omelet and bread at a close-by bistro. 

The hold up appeared to be okay after that. After the barrier was evacuated, we began again towards Delhi. The majority of us dozed all through our way with a musical playlist playing at the foundation. 

Day IV 

We arrived in Delhi around 10:30 am. I needed to miss work that day, however, I had no second thoughts. I was all the while luxuriating in the magnificence of my Kheerganga trek. When we as a whole left and said our farewells, life went in a new direction. I made some great companions, it was a really stunning encounter. 

Things to remember while trekking to Kheerganga: 

* Respect Nature 

* Do not take an alternate way in the mountains 

* Do not cull apples on your approach to Kheerganga 

* Watch your means at the Hot water spring as its extremely tricky 

* Carry a couple of shoes, water bottle, great pair of trekking shoes, sun square, sunglasses, light, and essential drugs 


Delhi to Kasol: 520 Kms 

Kasol to barshaini: 40 Kms 

Barshaini to Kheerganga: 12 Kms trek