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18th December 2020, 

 The beauty industry is filled with professionals who help people look and feel great. There are so many treatments available that people don’t know about. Client’s wishes to look and feel at their best, and with that being said, a specialist should know all the techniques to make them feel beautiful. As a beauty therapist, it is important for you to understand how our bodies work and how it might respond to a certain type of treatment. You will learn about beauty ethics, hygiene, and other relations- the field is rapidly evolving and with so many career opportunities, it will be beneficial for you to join Lakme Academy in Pitampura. You may not know but over time, there are new technologies being introduced to the industry almost every day, keeping that in mind, learn all the latest beauty trends, equipment, techniques, and more.

From the art of altering pale and dull skin, making women glow, gaining makeup skills to becoming a leading hairstylist. You can grow your career in the realm of beauty and skin wellness. Everything that might make women feel great and look confident, be that fairy godmother helping them look at their best. Everyone is beautiful and you, being the expert will be helping them beautify their looks. Contact us and join our academy. 

  Why Choose Lakme Academy?

  • We offer a wide range of beauty courses
  • Our team of experts trains the aspirants to become a beauty therapist 
  • We help aspiring beauticians beautify the future 
  • Our branches are located in all the major cities across the nation
  • During this new normal we provide classroom education at home

 About us:

Lakme Academy is the leading beauty academy in India that is powered by Aptech headquartered in Mumbai. Being the best beauty training academy, we provide certified beauty courses to aspirants in cosmetology, beauty therapy, hair, and makeup. The courses are designed to prepare the students to grow their careers in Fashion, Film, Beauty, and Entertainment industry. This training curriculum helps aspirants groom their passion and talent to develop their career in the realm of beauty. Join Lakme academy in Pitampura,where the students will learn all about hairstyling, cosmetology, beauty therapy, and more to become a part of the beauty industry.  

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