Is Yoga Effective For Weight Loss?

The effectiveness of yoga on weight loss, is it real? Losing weight, losing weight is the will of many. Is Yoga Effective For Weight Loss? Is Weight Loss Directly Related to Yoga? This practice helps to lose weight but is not the cause of thinness. Find out why. Join 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh from Ashtanga Yoga Rishikesh to help lose weight effectively.

Is Yoga Effective For Weight Loss Or Not?

Many articles on the web promise positive results of yoga for weight loss. Unfortunately, for weight loss, it is not always necessarily the case.

Some yogas that make you sweat excessively brag about losing weight. Excluding perspiration are 99% water and the remaining 1% waste and minerals. Sweating is not responsible for “fat loss”. Losing 1 kg for having lost water by dehydration during the effort is probable but this small lost kilo will return by hydrating.

If sweating made you lose fat, saunas and steam rooms would be taken by storm for their slimming effect.

Yoga helps to lose weight by moving especially through exercises. How? ‘Or’ What?

Performing physical movements loosens fat from the body and breaks the fibres that hold them in place to facilitate their evacuation.

Contracting muscles, twisting and stretching helps to loosen and tighten the body from head to toe. At this stage, it’s about building muscle rather than weight loss.

Before doing liposuction, it is recommended to lose weight. The recommendation of the medical profession is sport and healthy eating.

The secret to weight loss is to exercise and exercise every day.

How does physical exercise make you lose weight?

Playing sports causes the body to burn fat by stimulating hormones like endorphins. It is not useful to exercise at high intensity, it is advisable to do moderate exercises but in regularity.

The goal is to burn calories to draw on reserves. Regular, moderate exercise is more effective in reducing fat than strenuous exercise.

The mistake not to make is to practise yoga or exercise on an empty stomach. This would contribute to muscle wasting by the reflex that our brain will have to tell the body to fall back on the amino acids responsible for muscle wasting. It is irreversible after the age of 25-30 years.

As a result, eating a balanced diet and exercising is the answer to weight loss whether it is exercise or yoga.

Lose weight with yoga

Doing yoga can help you lose weight as long as it is practised regularly, exceeding 30 minutes per session to be effective. It will act on the metabolism by increasing the lipids consumed. To optimize weight loss and the melting of adipose tissue, you should practice 1h30 to 3h per session rather than doing 30 minutes daily.

However, the fractional method would be the most effective. Ideally, doing 2 to 3 intensive postures and then taking a 30-second break would be more profitable to promote the elimination of fat. Resuming the postures and this pause time for 30 minutes “non-stop” would accelerate the process of fat tissue melting.

Secrets to lose weight with yoga

Non-slip yoga mat

In summary, the 3 principles for losing weight through yoga would be:

– practice yoga postures at a moderate pace

– 30 minutes of exercises minimum

– Fractional to accelerate the elimination of fat: a common practice.

It is the same in sport except that in interval training, it is 8 seconds in sprinting and 12 seconds rest in repetition over 30 minutes. This timing would allow the melting of fat by the secretion of catecholamines (adrenaline, dopamine and noradrenaline). A break between exercises would promote the elimination of fat during and after exercise.