How to Write a Movie Review

If you want to know how to write a movie review, you are on the right page. Movie review is a part of College Students’ writing papers. Although many students who love movies find it interesting, others don’t. Movie reviews don’t mean writing about what happens in a movie. Instead, it involves a critical assessment.

What is movie review? Movie review is a detailed analysis of a movie or documentary. It involves analyzing, researching, and reporting the views of authors in a structured manner. The author assumes the position of educating readers whether they have seen the movie or not. In fact, many people read movie reviews to decide whether they want to see a movie.

Movie review tests students’ critical thinking and reporting skills. It also examines their writing skills in a logical, concise, clear and creative way. This article will teach you how to make the best movie reviews in your class. You can find many interesting tips on how to write movie reviews for college and movie review examples.

Although writing movie reviews is challenging for some students, it may be easy. What you should know is that the format of presenting comments is the same, which makes it an interesting task. Here, we provide a step-by-step process of how to write good movie reviews or how to introduce movie reviews that any student can follow:

Watch a movie: you must watch any movie before you can view it. You can’t view movies you haven’t watched. So, in order to be successful, watch the movie at least twice. Note: do not watch like ordinary fans or movie lovers. Stay focused and conscious through movies. Take notes if necessary.

You need to take notes, so please have a notebook and pen ready. Record all events and people (primary and secondary). Try to be meticulous and don’t ignore anything.

Study movies: watching movies should give you an overall understanding and feeling of movies. With this, it should be easy and exciting to study this movie. This research adds to what you see in movies. In your research, you should find out who the movie producer is, what prompted the movie production, characterization, historical events, locations, plots and so on.

If you know the details behind the movie, it will be easier to understand and fascinating. Also note that if you do not know about movies, you cannot proceed to the next step involving analysis. Unless you have a vivid understanding of the movie, try not to proceed to the next step. If it needs to be seen again until you fully understand it, do it. The following should form part of your discovery of this movie:


Title and year

Name of main actor

Name of director

Book title (if based on a Book)

Draft review outline: draft the outline you will use to write the review. The overview will help you organize your comments concisely and logically. The outline is more like the skeleton on which the whole study will stand. A good draft produces a perfect report, and vice versa.

The outline improves the quality of movie reviews. You must have an outline before you start writing. The example outline is as follows:



Release date

background information



2. story summary

3. plot element analysis (please also read: Guide to movie critical analysis)

4. creative elements

5. comments (add examples to support your claim)


Camera technology







Special effects, etc

6. Conclusion

Analyze the movie: after fully understanding the movie, you can start to analyze the movie. Critically evaluate the movie from beginning to end, paying attention to every detail. During the analysis, if you find any confusing parts, please review them to fully grasp the ideas depicted there. After you fully understand it, you can start writing movie reviews. To write a decent analysis, you need to know how to write a movie review.

Reinforce your comments with examples: when watching a movie, your observations should be supported by examples, that is, referring to the scene of the event. If there is a problem with the plot, please mention it, but describe examples that support the claim. You can also mention clearly stunted characters in movies and other people. Everything you observe in the movie must be recorded.

Famous examples include places, mistakes or beautiful conversations, quotes that attract you, bad speeches, gags, editing mistakes, and so on. Please note that it is not enough to make a general statement about how good or bad the movie is. You must use the evidence in the movie to support your claim. That’s why it’s called a movie review rather than a sample interview about movie opinions.