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How To Use The Dictionary On Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Amazon Kindle is enabled with many features, but the dictionary is in-built feature which is known as one of the best features for the readers helps a lot to understand content. One can access to dictionary with ease to find the definition of a difficult word. If you own Amazon Kindle and want to use the dictionary and you don’t know how to fix it then feel free to contact Kindle.Com/Support team to fix it.

While reading content on e-book, if you find any difficult word and want to display a dictionary definition of a word, long tap or tap and hold a word. The word which you select is highlighted as white text on a black background. As you release your finger, you will find a short dictionary definition on the screen in a pop-up box. In order to clear the definition of the word, you need to either click anywhere outside the pop-up box or click on the X in the upper-right corner. For the purpose of getting more information about word, you will click “Show full definition” thus a dictionary page opens with complete information of the word. In order to return to your text, press “the back icon” on the toolbar. Go to the definition box and highlight the word that can be saved on the screen and also saved it in your notes & marks file. In order to access the file from the book, click on “Menu” and view notes & marks. While click the “Back Icon” to return to the text of your book. While using dictionary on your Kindle device if you have face kindle fire frozen issue then contact the experts by follow the given link.

If you are having second generation Kindle Paperwhite which has two additional tabs: X-Ray and Wikipedia. In order to get additional information about selected word, tab on X-Ray. If not keeping device on Airplane mode, tap on “Wikipedia” to open a Wikipedia page that is enabled with complete information about selected word. The information received by all the sources is similar.

At the bottom of the kindle paperwhite which belongs to second-generation and is having two additional choices, like search and more. If you tap “Search” to display the menu shown in the following figure, In this situation, you will get three choices, such as search word in the current reading book, all text searches which are dedicated to the word for your device, and kindle store is enabled with all the titles that have word. Moreover, the definition box is incorporated with a more button, and click on the ‘Button” that displays the screen.

As we know that the kindle paperwhite is available in many versions , therefore, which are enabled with several options, Highlights, Share, Add Note, Translation, Wikipedia, Dictionary, Translation, open dictionary, and it depends upon  their generation.


Use dictionary on kindle paperwhite becomes an easy way for the kindle users. If you come across any problem, you can contact to the online experts who are available around the clock.