How To Recognize That Marijuana Dabs Are Good Or Bad?

Regular cannabis users would know what dabs are and how thrilling consuming them can be. Understandably, many people don’t know what dabs are and how they are different from regular cannabis. Simply put, dabs are concentrated forms of the substance tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), a derivative of marijuana. THC concentration in one dab hit is equivalent to the amount of THC in one entire blunt.

Many stoners who are looking for a new feeling are the people that tend to consume dabs. Newcomers are more or less advised against starting with dabs immediately. As thrilling as these substances are, some bad dabs are being circulated in the cannabis market. These deviant dabs are causing immense danger to the people using them. The worst part about these bad dabs is that they are challenging to tell apart from the good ones. 

If you want to know how to tell them apart, you’re in luck. This article will help to explain how to recognize if a marijuana dab is good or bad. Before them, you have to understand what marijuana dabs are in detail.

What Are Marijuana Dabs?

Dabs go by different names, depending on where you look. These alternative names include butter, wax, honeycomb, amber, etc. Dabs are concentrated butane hash oil that has high amounts of concentrated THC. You can get these dabs, as well as many other marijuana products, from Get Kush Weed Online. They sell various marijuana products and accessories that allow you to have the best smoking or vaping sessions.

If you look at a dab, it might not be as big as your palm. However, its effects rival the psychoactive and thrilling effects you get from many blunts.

To start the dab creation process, manufacturers first have to get concentrated butane oil. They create this concentrated butane oil using a long and complicated chemical process. In this chemical process, they use cannabis-derived oils to extract butane oil. The manufacturers then pour the concentrated butane oil over.

Next, they pour this concentrated butane over marijuana. By doing this, it allows the butane to extract THC and absorb it. The result is a sticky, gel-like substance called dabs.

Many marijuana variants have estimated THC levels of about 15%. On the other hand, these concentrated dabs can contain THC concentrations of about 80%. Many stoners who use dabs have said that they feel its effects immediately after they consume it. 

How to Know The Difference

Sadly, newbie dabbers may not be able to determine the authenticity of dabs quickly. It is because they would most likely not know what good or bad dabs look like. For you to understand how to differentiate, you have to know what good and bad dabs are.

Good dabs are dabs that contain the correct concentrations of THC and are relatively pure. They tend to be lighter in color compared to bad dabs, and a local dispensary would have most likely approved it for use. 

On the other hand, bad dabs may be darker in color due to the abundance of THC. More often than not, labs don’t test these dabs for purity and potency. Bad dabs can also be caused by improper storage. They may have been initially good dabs, but their structure and potency can get altered when you don’t store them well. Here are a couple of ways to tell them apart:

  • Color

Color is the primary thing you should look out for when you’re trying to differentiate good dabs from bad ones. A general rule you should have in mind is that lighter dabs tend to be better than dark ones. This is because the light color may symbolize freshness and THC concentrations in just the right amount. 

Contrastingly, bad dabs tend to be darker in color because they aren’t as fresh and contain higher concentrations of THC than required. Of course, this may not always be the case. Although it occurs way less often, darker dabs may still be good enough for consumption.

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  • Smell

The second thing you should look out for is the smell. Good dabs tend to smell “lighter,” and they don’t produce the same aroma as traditional cannabis. In contrast, bad dabs tend to smell as potent as conventional cannabis when you smoke them. Thus, when you smoke dabs and get the same pungent smell that traditional cannabis gives, stop smoking immediately. The dab you have most likely contains higher THC levels than usual, as well as other impurities.

  • Taste

If you’re wondering what quality dabs taste like, it tastes very similar to the cannabis strains that manufactures extracted them from. On the other hand, bad strains also tend to include strange smells. As you may already know, dabs have shelf lives. A dab’s shelf life depends on the strain you get the dab from and how you store the dab.

If you store a dab in direct sunlight with a lot of heat, it would sharply decrease your dab’s potency in a short period. 

It may also change the structure of your wax, causing an alteration of taste. Ultimately, molds would form, making it unsafe for you to consume.

Final Thoughts

Dabs are excellent substances that more people should try out. Since it’s a relatively new concept,  people still don’t know about this substance. Luckily, this article has helped explain what dabs are and how you can differentiate good dabs from bad ones.