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how to open an online beauty supply store?

Online beauty is booming, and not only big brands have entered this $532 billion industry. Small brands that focus on a single product (handmade soap or subdivided cosmetics) occupy an increasing share in the beauty industry. If you are a beauty entrepreneur, you need a website to involve your online beauty supply store in this action.

Don’t worry about how to open an online beauty supply store (or write website code) – constant contact’s beauty Website Builder allows you to open a beauty store in less time than makeup.

If you want to know how to open an online beauty shop, stop looking. This guide divides this process into five simple steps.

Once you take these steps, your online beauty supply store business will be ready to start.

1. Develop your online beauty supply store theme

When you start your online beauty shop journey, start by identifying the unique voice of your store or the specific needs your business will serve. This important step will affect all other decisions, from choosing a name for your store to designing your logo and website. As a beauty lover, you already have a unique taste.

2. Design and build your platform

Even without any coding skills, you can combine your aesthetic taste with constant contact’s website creation tool to create a website that reflects the unique look and feel of your brand.

Use the beauty website builder to view potential website templates. Once you find a picture you like, try choosing a title picture for your home page.

3. Choose the correct domain name for your new website

Your domain name lays the foundation for your customers to experience your store. To create a successful debut, choose a name that is closely linked to the text on your logo.

If your store shares its name with other businesses, add some words related to your location (city or state) after your name.

4. Store your products (or services) in your e-commerce store

We say your new website has three important pages. This is true – but you also need your store page! (this is very important. We have set up a chapter for it.)

In the Internet age, allowing users to shop on your website means that there is a shopping channel next to a separate web page. Now, with constant contact, you can set up a free store on the website. Once you’ve created your online store, buy any plan when you’re ready to publish. There is a low transaction cost of 1.5-3% for sales (depending on your plan).

5. Contact and contact your customers

As a small business, you need to contact past and future customers to let them know about sales and promotions, new products and changes in your business. As a beauty brand, you know you need an active instagram account and may even consider YouTube MUA tutorials or twitter to attract other beauty brands. But don’t sleep under the power of store communication.

When you create your store on constant contact, you can set up a newsletter on the website. Constant contact’s communication integration automatically adds each purchased customer to your contact list.