How To Make Wigs Look Like Human Hair?

When you go out with a wig, do you ever worry that you look really cheap wig? What if other people will recognize you as human hair lace wigs?

When women wear a wig, whether choose lace front wigs or full lace wig, 100 women want hair wigs look more natural, more real. There are many of the best human hair wigs online, where can I buy real human hair wigs? And how to make people’s hair and wigs look real? If you want to make your wig looks really, this article will give you some advice.

How do you make your hair look real?

These factors will determine whether a human hair and wig real

Choose to suit your wig

Buy quality wig materials

Wash and care for wigs regularly

Regular replacement wig

If you want to make your look real natural 100 hair wigs, it is very important to choose the right person hair wigs, so first of all, let’s talk about how to choose the suitable person for your hair wigs.

Choose the right wig for you

The suitable human hair wig includes the following parts:

1. Choose the right lace color according to the scalp skin

Brown lacy hair wigs and transparent lace hair wigs are very popular in the market. The difference between the two types of wigs is the color of the lace and the people who use it.

Brown lace hair wigs, also known as black women who hair wigs, these kinds of human hair wigs for women wearing dark or dark scalp skin.

A transparent lace hair wig, also known as white women’s hair wig, is suitable for women with white or light scalp skin.

A proper lacy human hair wig will fit well on the scalp worn by the wig, just as Remy’s hair grows from the scalp and looks very realistic.

2. Choose the right human hair wig to tip over according to your head

Different women’s heads are different sizes. If the flip of an affordable human hair wig is too big, then the wearer will feel the real human hair wig swaying on the head. Of course, if you look at it from the outside, the woman’s human hair wig is very loose and looks unnatural.

So choosing the right Remy human hair wig is very important to make the wig look real. There are three kinds of wigs for human hair.

Small: 21-22 inches, medium: 22-22.70 inches, large: 22.70-23 inches

You can choose the right size for your head, or you can contact your human hair wig supplier to have it customized for you.

3. Choose the right hair color and texture to make your wig look natural

Only the hair color and hair are appropriate for your skin and face, just can make one hundred percent human hair wigs look natural and true.

As for hair wig colors, there are many popular hair colors on the market, such as blonde hair wig, 613 hair wig, black hair wig, pink hair wig, blue hair wig, dark yellow hair wig, and other colors. But we should note that not all colors of wigs look fashionable and we should choose the right color according to our skin tone. If you can, you can go to your local wig shop and try out the color and buy colored human hair wigs online.

There are many popular hair wigs texture available for sale, such as hair human hair wigs, curly hair wigs, hair wigs, belt Liu Hairen hair wigs, hair wigs, short curly hair wigs, straight hair wigs, and other popular hair wigs style. Make your Remi hair look more natural and realistic by choosing a human wig that best suits your face shape.

Human hair wig

Buy high-quality human hair wig materials

The material of human hair wigs is very important, high-quality human hair wigs material will present the most natural, most authentic effect, and poor people will not appear hair, natural hair wigs materials.

Whether you are bought directly from the person you like hair, the best human hair wigs, or buy the best head of hair, the hair quality grades are very important. Usually, 8 a, 9 a, and 10 class a person can be recommended as the best real human hair wigs.

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