How to Find Automatic Washing Machine Reasonable Price in Pakistan & its Features?

We know that every household should have a washing machine. There are many brands of washing machines in Pakistan, but the average person always wonders what the automatic washing machine price in Pakistan 2021 is. There are two types of washing machines used in Pakistan. These two types are semi-automatic washing machines and fully automatic washing machines. Here we present you the best semi-automatic washing machines and the best fully automatic washing machines in Pakistan.

How Many Types of best washing machines in Pakistan in 2021?

Here is a list of the best washing machines in Pakistan. We have divided them into automatic and semi-automatic. We have also listed the latest prices from online marketplaces in Pakistan.

Best Automatic Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

  1. Semi-automatic washing machines are those that have separate tubs for washing and drying. Clothes are washed in one tub and then have to be manually transferred to another tub. In the second tub, the washed clothes are dried during the spin cycle.
  2. Here we present you with the best semi-automatic washing machines available in Pakistan. There are domestic and international brands that manufacture these washing machines. We will review both types of brands and models below.

Super Asia

  1. The Super Asia 8 KG, model SA-244, is an automatic twin tub washing machine with features such as rust resistance and an impact-resistant plastic housing.
  2. The movable clothesline is very convenient and allows women to wash their household laundry.
  3. The convenient drain handle makes it easy to empty the unit when needed and ensures no leaks.
  4. The energy-saving feature and the double-sided inner handle are good reasons to choose this semi-automatic washing machine.
  5. This is a product of Super Asia Pakistan, a reputed home improvement company in Pakistan for many years.
  1. Impact and rust-resistant plastic housing
  2. Movable tray
  3. Drain handle
  4. Powerful copper motor
  5. Double-sided inner handle
  6. Energy saving
  7. EZ wash tray
  8. Capacity
  9. Washing capacity: 8 kg
  10. Spinning capacity: 7 kg

  1. 1-year actual warranty
  2. Price
  3. The price of this semi-automatic washing machine on the online market is between PKR 17000 and PKR 19000.


  1. Haier has a long history of manufacturing high-quality home appliances. They have been manufacturing and selling washing machines in Pakistan for a long time.
  2. This Haier HWM 75-AS washing machine is one of their flagship models of automatic washing machines, with features like a lint filter and new plastic housing.
  3. Its 7.5kg capacity is enough for a small household of 5 people.
  4. Its white housing and compact design make it one of the most attractive washing machines on the market.

The Haier 7.5 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine, model HWM 75-AS, features

  1. Wide voltage range
  2. Compact design
  3. Plastic cabinet
  4. White cabinet
  5. Lint filter
  6. Capacity
  7. 5 kg Washing capacity
  8. Spin capacity 4.5 kg
  1. 2-year warranty on motor
  2. 1-year warranty on spare parts
  3. Price


  1. Now you don’t have to worry about rising electric bills, because this LVS Series automatic washer from Dawlance saves 38% on electricity.
  2. Its fully automatic, fuzzy logic-based control system gives you the comfort of washing your laundry, as the logic provides automatic washing. You just need to make the settings and parameters, and the automatic controller does the rest.
  3. There is also an automatic restart function, which makes it easy to control.
  4. The large bath capacity makes it easy to wash more laundry at the same time. The Dawlance DWT 225 fully automatic washing machine has so many advanced features that it made the list of the best washing machines in Pakistan.

Here are the features of the Dawlance DWT 255 Full Automatic Washing Machines

  1. Waterproof panel
  2. Large capacity
  3. Automatic restart
  4. Triple waterfall
  5. Professional fabric drum
  6. Capacity
  7. Washing capacity of 10kg
  8. Guarantee
  9. 10 years warranty

The current price of this automatic washing machine ranges from 38,000 to 47,000 PKR in various online stores.

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