How to Choose the Best School for Your Child

Wise men say “You can never build a great building on a weak foundation”. Well, this holds true for your child’s education as well. As a matter of fact, the learning your child receives during school days decides pretty much about the future. It is responsible for the development of necessary skill, talent, and discipline. So, it’s highly important that we lay emphasis on it & decide what’s best. There are a lot of factors you must take care of while selecting the right school for them.

  1. Curriculum:

The curriculum is the most important factor in deciding whether the school is suitable for your ward or not. It defines what & how the students learn. This is one of the most important things to consider even before getting a quote of admission fees in school. As a parent, one must always look for these few things in the curriculum followed by the school :

  • The school must have a strong program of core academic subjects such as English, math, science, history, arts, and different foreign languages

Some courses in addition to the core subjects must be offered by the school.

  • It must provide equal enrichment opportunities for all students, even for the gifted ones
  • Most importantly, the curriculum must include extracurricular activities which support whatever is being taught
  • There should be an effective English language acquisition program for the children who need it.
  • If in case your child has some special learning needs, the school should have a curriculum/program and the necessary supports to properly accommodate those needs

2.Teaching Approach:

The expanse of your child’s learning is directly related to the teaching approach of the school. If the process is engaging and interesting enough, then your child will surely learn more and perform better.

  • The school must have a particular approach to teaching and learning for e.g. group projects, analyzing individual performance, frequently conducting tests.
  • The learning experience should be a fun process for the child, involving practical activities and visual learning methods, K12 education system includes these activities.
  • Check whether the school does all it can to make sure each child learns. Whether it provides opportunities for children to get extra help when they need it.
  • The homework/assignment policy. Ask yourself if the assignments and worksheets are adequate for your child.
  1. Safety:

It’s one of the most important yet under looked factors to consider while enrolling your ward in a school. It is crucial that the school provides a safe environment for learning.

  • The school must follow a protocol to prevent and handle issues with drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • Adequate safety measures must be taken by the school during lab and sports activities.
  • Strict rules to prevent violence, bullying, harassment, and other types of abusive behavior.
  • Emergency drills should be conducted quarterly so that the students know the measures to be taken during an emergency.
  • All the extracurricular activities must be performed in a controlled and safe environment.
  • In order to assure safety, the school must have a complete surveillance system for monitoring.
  1. Extra-curricular activities:


It’s not just the academics that are important, extracurricular activities play a crucial role in the overall development of personality. These activities help in developing interpersonal skills which can make your ward stand out of the crowd in the future. You can easily find these as a part of the curriculum in K 12 schools.

  • Get an info on the extracurricular activities that the school offers on breaks or on weekends.
  • Check whether the school offers counseling services to the students. Counseling plays a very important role when it comes to guidance.
  • Interscholastic activities must be promoted by the school.
  • School should sponsor field trips, so as to enhance the awareness and providing students with more learning opportunities
  • The school must provide access to computers and to the Internet in the library and the use of the internet should be monitored
  • The school must organize talent competitions often so that the talent of the student gets recognized.

To conclude, one must always consider the above stated facts while selecting a school for their kid in addition to the reputation of the school. For an instance, if you look for top schools in Gurugram, go for brands like MADE EASY SCHOOL which fulfill all the standards stated above to make sure that your child receives an all round guidance. Never miss a chance when the admissions are open.

Abhishek Jain
Abhishek Jain
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