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How to Buy a Fat Tire E Bike

Electric bike fat tire, or bicycles combining the advantages of fat tires and electric bicycles, have always been meaningful to us – super wide tires improve comfort and turnover ability, while electric motors reduce the heavy work of providing power for large bicycles. But you don’t need to be a dedicated off-road driver to want one. Recently, we have noticed that more and more reliable large tire electric bicycles have fallen below the threshold of $1500, which makes them an attractive choice for anyone who wants to explore various terrain, including urban streets. Keep reading about our best choices.


What should be considered when purchasing electric bicycles with large tires

A comfortable journey


High capacity tires allow you to run with low tire pressure, which usually leads to a more comfortable ride. Obese bicycle tires bring this concept to the extreme. Although you may run a 60+psi road bike, a 40+psi hybrid, a 20+psi mountain bike, and a fat bike let you ride on your tires with only 5 to 10 psi. You will want to increase the pressure on the road and reduce the air when off-road – there are many useful guides on the Internet, such as this one in mtbr – but the overall reduction of tire pressure can make the tires compress when bumping, making your ride more stable.


Off road capability

Another benefit of large tires and low tire pressures is off-road capability. Compared with bicycles with traditional width tires, electric bicycles with large tires can better cross snow, sand, mud and some mountain lanes – depending on the difficulty of the track and your driving skills. In other words, most of the fat electric bicycles here are not built for technical tracks and one-way roads. For this type of cycling, special electric mountain bikes can be considered. These bikes have improved geometry, motors adjusted for off-road speed, and components built to withstand additional pressure.


Less, but more inconvenient, flat tire


Tires of fat bicycles will shrink for various reasons, but one advantage of this structure is that they are flat against compression: the sidewall of the tire is very high, so it is difficult to completely compress it and press the tire tube onto the rim. However, in cross-country and city cycling, you are still easy to be punctured or torn, and it is more inconvenient to carry a fat tire tube than ordinary tire tubes. If you place the wheel hub motor flat on the wheel (some of our options have this style), you must unplug the motor to disconnect the wheel and level it. We recommend that you practice at home, so that you know what to do on the road, and carry an additional tube, flatbed kit and pump with you. If you live in a place that is often punctured by tires, consider buying a pair of tire pads to reinforce your rubber.

Not easy to transport

Generally speaking, most electric bicycles have a certain weight. Even the dynamic Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL electric road bike weighs 27 pounds, about half the weight of most electric commuter bikes and electric mountain bikes. With solid tires, some electric bicycles with large tires soared to more than 70 pounds, or even 80 pounds. If you park your electric bike in the garage and then drive it from home, it will be OK. But if you want to take your big tire electric bicycle to another place, you must carry it to the bed of the pickup truck, or put it on a special electric bicycle frame compatible with the minimum weight – unless you decide to use a folding bike model.