How Much Should You Be Spending on Pakistani Designers Clothes?

We all know we should support local businesses and designers. Still, with such a wide variety to choose from, it can be challenging to know how much you should really be spending on Pakistani designer clothes. Check out our handy guide to how much you should be spending on Pakistani designer clothes.

Reasonably Priced Pakistani Designer Garments

Not all Pakistani designed clothing is expensive, and some items, like shoes, are widely available at high street prices. There are plenty of options for lower-priced designer clothes, and most well-known designers have high-street ranges, so you shouldn’t have to spend that much.

With a wide range of kurta and pants sets for low prices, our collection is the ideal place to shop for reasonably priced Pakistani designer clothing. We stock ranges from many designers at both high-end and high-street prices, so why not check out our lines today?

High-End Pakistani Designers

With prices ranging from £50 – £2000, there is something for every budget, whether you’re shopping for a wardrobe staple or that perfect wedding outfit. If you’re looking to invest in a fabulous outfit, consider shopping at the higher price range. However, it’s better to shop at the lower price range if you’re looking for everyday clothing. Nevertheless, if you want wardrobe pieces that will last you, it’s always better to spend that little bit extra, as you will get higher-quality pieces that last longer.

Supporting Pakistani Designers

It’s essential to support Pakistani designers, but we can’t all afford the top of the range fashions. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to help support Pakistani designers. Nevertheless, if you’re in the market for a luxury, high-end garment, consider spending your money on a Pakistani designer. There are some beautiful pieces available for reasonable amounts, and you can purchase luxury pieces for much less than high-end Western fashion products.

Stitching Service

If you buy from retailers that offer a stitching service, you can make your money last even longer. Custom clothes are made to fit you and therefore fit you perfectly right from the start, so you’ll never need to find anything else. Our stitching service comes in three tiers: a three-piece with a dupatta, a two-piece made up of a kameez and shalwar/pants, and a one-piece with just the kameez or kurta. A stitching service doesn’t need to cost a lot, and our highest price is just £20, where our one-piece set is just £12.

One of the best things about using a stitching service is getting to choose your own fabric, making it an excellent option for those times when you just can’t find anything you like on the racks. Next time you’re stuck for what to buy, check out the stitching service options.

Spending money on Pakistani designer clothes needn’t cost the earth. With these handy tips, you’ll soon find the perfect garments for you without spending a fortune. However, it’s always worth spending that little bit extra on long-lasting wardrobe staples and luxury items for special occasions.