How Much Does Google Charge For SEO?

Whenever someone asks how much does Google charge for SEO, the answer one heard is “it depends”. No doubt it is a frustrating response for everyone. However, fact is that SEO prices vary depending upon several factors. You may have already realized that there are several choices accessible in this regards. There is an array of pricing models, number of companies and several price points. Following these same trends we see different SEO packages in Pakistan. Let us have a look at them one after the other.

Performance Based SEO Cost:

This type of SEO pricing is relatively new. There are not several performance based SEO cost options accessible for the smaller business owners. It usually follows the fact that if you don’t rank, you will not pay. It removes the risk factor for clients. Some of the keywords will be too competitive while other may not be. Moreover, as ranking is flexible, it cannot be predicted hence monthly rate varies. This type of pricing is best for the e-commerce websites and small businesses.

Monthly SEO cost:

These types of pricing are favorable for long term partnership. Most of the companies choose this option whenever they need to outsource SEO completely. This is one of the most promising ways of meaningful objectives via SEO for most of the businesses. This type of SEO cost means you will have a company managing your SEO campaign. Since these are long term partnerships, it leads to better communication and enhanced trust between both the parties. It is best for outsourcing and integrated teams.

SEO projects: Project based SEO services are considered to be one of the most popular SEO pricing model that SEO companies usually offer. Though it is relatively popular pricing model, the prices will vary largely because cost depends on the scope of your specific needs. Following this model one needs not to worry about paying on hourly basis. This model is best for the business websites with particular needs.

Hourly SEO cost: Following this model, you will have to pay the cost that you will negotiate before the work begins. You can have an idea of how many hours have been worked and estimate the bill on your own. This model is best for the very small businesses.

Now looking at the different SEO packages in Pakistan you may see which one will meet your particular needs and requirements. It is suggested to business owners to have a detailed look at all the available SEO packages in Pakistan and then buy the one meeting your site’s requirements. In this regards, one needs to ensure that one is in safe hands.

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