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How is the Perfect Diary “perfect” marketing?

In the Internet era, the establishment of brand image and the shaping of brand awareness are different from the traditional ways and means of enterprises in the past, and marketing is one of the most important means. Today’s marketing is more like a dialogue between companies and consumers. We should not only think about how to find our customers, but also understand how customers can find us, and reach customers deeply.

The perfect diary, known as “the light of Chinese goods”, can be said to be a model of brand building through marketing. In 2017, Perfect Diary was born. Through a series of marketing methods, Perfect Diary gradually became bigger: it participated in the Double 11 for the first time, and its sales exceeded 100 million in 90 minutes; in 2019. Become the top Chinese brand on Tmall’s “Double 11” cosmetics list; In 2020, the company won first place in the sales of Tmall’s cosmetics in a row, was rated as second place in the sales of new consumer brands in 2020, and was listed on the bell in the United States, with a market value of US $7 billion (about 46 billion yuan).

So, how did the perfect diary come to today step by step through marketing? Next, let’s have a deep understanding of the “perfect” marketing method of the perfect diary.

Clear brand positioning

First of all, before brand marketing to consumers, it should first clarify the question of “who am I”. Only when the brand has a good understanding of itself and a clear positioning of itself can we tell consumers more clearly and accurately what our differentiated advantages are and let consumers form brand awareness.

1) Targeting young women

The target audience of Perfect Diary is young women between 18 and 28 years old. It is committed to providing fashionable makeup products and beauty programs for the new generation of Chinese young women. Its brand declaration is “beauty does not set limits”. This slightly rebellious brand slogan that reflects “not bound” and “not defined” is more consistent with the preferences of the younger generation.

According to the Tmall Beauty Consumer Trend Report, the post-85, post-90 and post-95 are the main groups of online cosmetics consumers, and the consumption and number of post-95 consumers have a very good year-on-year growth rate. These young consumers have witnessed China’s economic take-off and the rise of the developed Internet. They are no longer chasing big brands excessively, but also paying more attention to “personalization” and “convenience”, which undoubtedly provides space for survival and development for the rise of new domestic beauty brands.

2) High-cost performance products

In terms of price, Perfect Diary cleverly targeted the price at the middle and low-end markets below 100 yuan, focusing on the concept of “big brand replacement”. After all, it is not wise to compete with international brands in a high-end market of more than 200+. Moreover, for young consumers who have just started working and even are still on campus, too expensive prices are undoubtedly not in their choice.

3) Marketing preempts the mind

The perfect diary is different from the product thinking of traditional enterprises and pays more attention to the power of marketing. According to the financial report, the annual revenue of Perfect Diary in 2020 will be 5.23 billion, of which the total marketing expenses will be nearly 3.5 billion, accounting for 66% of the total revenue. The daily marketing expenses of L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics company, accounted for no more than 15%, and the highest was only 20.3%, with a difference of 3 to 4 times. It can be said that the perfect diary is a beauty brand created by money-burning marketing.