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How about perfect diary cosmetics

Perfect Diary is a very popular domestic cosmetics brand. Many girls in life use it because Perfect Diary cosmetics are not only cheap but also cost-effective. Many beauty bloggers have strongly recommended it. It is simply the light of domestic products. The following editor will tell you in detail what the Perfect Diary cosmetics are, and recommend several easy-to-use cosmetics under this brand.

How about perfect diary cosmetics

Perfect Diary is a cheap and big-name cosmetics brand. Its English name is Perfect Diary. Its products come from the same top cosmetics research and development institution in the world—INTERCOS! Only diary cosmetics can have the same quality as the big brands, but the price is only 1/3 of the big brands. Such conscientious domestic products can be called the light of domestic products. Established in 2016, Perfect Diary is a brand of Guangzhou Yixian E-Commerce Co., Ltd. In 2016, the brand founder from Harvard University and a British fashion designer met in London, hoping to have the opportunity to bring European and American make-up fashion back to Asia and make a breakthrough in the visual image. Perfect Diary draws inspiration from the runway, refines the elements and colors of fashion weeks, and provides makeup products and beauty solutions for young women.

The brand meaning of Perfect Diary is Unlimited beauty, beauty has no limits, and it advocates that the younger generation should not be bound by external labels, but strive to break through themselves, actively explore more possibilities in life, and meet a better self. To create a new era for L’Oreal, it is committed to exploring European and American fashion trends. At the same time, it combines the characteristics of Asian women’s faces and skin to develop a series of “high-quality, well-designed” European and American fashion makeup products, to realize young women’s desire to “enjoy color and enjoy life”.

Recommended cosmetics for the perfect diary

From this point of view, Perfect Diary cosmetics are cost-effective, and the following cosmetics have high praise rates:

Perfect diary liquid foundation

Recently, this type of liquid foundation is really popular. The glass frosted bottle is very textured, the nozzle is well-designed, and the powder is relatively fine. I bought a matte finish. The foundation has a faint fragrance, it will oxidize, and the staying power is average. It will float after two or three hours. → How about the perfect diary liquid foundation

Perfect Diary Lip Glaze 905

The color is between pumpkin color and brick red. Since my lips are darker in color, it is a bit pumpkin color when applied, but it is white and not as dry as I imagined. The texture is moist and easy to apply Open, the follow-up will not be very dry, basically does not stick to the cup, and has strong staying power. It can be said to be a fighter among domestic products.

Perfect Diary Autumn Leaf Eyeshadow

This autumn leaf plate eye shadow has nine colors, five pearly and four mattes, with high saturation and tight powder pressing. The pearly color is very smooth, and the powder is relatively fine, which looks very good in the sun. The only drawback of this eyeshadow is that the color is medium, and there is a little bit of flying powder, but it can be ignored. The brush is not easy to pick up the powder. It is recommended to apply it directly by hand.