Here is a list of things any investor would look at before investing in a startup

For business startup investment, you either have the option to plow your own money or involve some of your peers to assist you in the game. If both the options don’t seem viable, the other alternative is to hunt for an investor. Whilst you may be able to get in touch with one of them, persuading them to invest their money can sometimes be a cumbersome job. Why? For a simple reason: the investor must be convinced with your project that you are asking them to glance at. If they find something fishy or less intriguing, they would straightaway call it quits. They may simply say that they would like to opt out of the investment process.

Needless to say, such words can be disturbing for any startup owner. It is the last thing they would like to hear from the investor. Thus, it can be said that exploring an investor might sound easy; however, twisting their arm is never a piece of cake.

This post unveils the list of things that any investor would look at before saying yes to a project. Here are a few of them:

  • Passion and commitment

Before investing, the investor would delve deep down to comprehend the different aspects. As an instance, he/she would like to know the motivation behind the startup and how it transpired. There can be a plethora of other things too encompassing the mind of the investor. Fundamentally, they intend to gauge the commitment and passion of the owner. After all, plowing money in a startup can indeed be risky. Any wrong decision could turn up the table against the investor causing them huge losses. Therefore, a thorough investigation is one of the things that remain at the top of their lists. Usually, investors buy their time to fathom every aspect deeply and to ensure that they don’t have to regret it later on.

Additionally, when an investment is made, it’s not just monetary assistance but also sharing of network and knowledge by the investor. They want to plow money on someone who is determined to carry forward the idea smoothly. 

Investors also give higher propositions to those owners who are ready to self-fund as well. It heralds their passion and determination and gives an idea to the investor that the owner is all prepared to endure any sort of obstacle that might transpire at any point in time. 

  • The seriousness of the owner

As previously stated, it is just not the monetary bracing from the investor side. He/she also shares their years of experience along with other fruitful things. In the process, they are giving their valuable time also. Thus they expect the same commitment from the owner’s side too. It reflects the seriousness of the possessor to attain their goals. Remember, if at any point the investor finds something going out of the block, they may back out right away.

  • Unique and viable business plan

It is paramount that the decided plan is viable and should impress the investor. In simpler words, it should sound like a business plan and not merely an idea. In a further easy language, it should be something that is practically attainable and is not beyond imagination. 

In continuation; those owners who have a solid business plan are usually able to convince investors. Quirky strategies can win the heart of the individual that is looking to plow his/her money in your business.

  • Market opportunity

Apart from interpreting the uniqueness of your business plan, the investor would also like to know the target audience of the product or service. Plus, they will also glance at the total number of customers that could be readily reached.

Frankly speaking, if the market size is not large enough, it would restrain the investor from investing. This stands to reason: the investor doesn’t see an opportunity to draw huge returns in the future.

  • Gaining traction

As a business owner, you need to put in your extra efforts even before connecting with an investor. This puts an everlasting impression on the individual who would plow their money in your business. 

  • Team structure

According to many aficionados, investors also meticulously look at the team that is known to oversee the different parameters for taking the startup to the next level. Therefore, it becomes indispensable to pick out those individuals that are experienced and the best in the game. Additionally, they should possess the relevant skills.

By saying this, it doesn’t mean that the investor would want a huge team of employees. They just aspire to evaluate the operational efficiency of the workforce. And can they stand out well during convoluted times?

To wrap up

The above are some of the pointers that any investor would have in their mind before choosing the best startup companies to invest in. So being a business owner, it is vital that you are well prepared before getting in touch with an investor.

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