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Har ki Dun Trek

Why not take an escape route to the valley of the gods, popularly known as Har Ki Dun, feeling lost in the maddening crowd of the area. The land is also described in the epic Mahabharata where, in the final journey to the gods, the Pandavas went through the land.

On the flip side, however, this is one of the very few locations where Duryodhana, the senior Kaurava, is worshipped. The picturesque valley is situated in the Uttarkashi district of the state of Uttarakhand. The state of Uttarakhand is already a big Hindu religious hotspot, with the presence of Har Ki Dun just contributing to the overall attraction.

Trekking enthusiasts might imagine what a ride it would be like to glide through the Har Ki Dun gorge. The Har ki Dun trek stretches across the banks of the Thamsa River, catching the captivating scenery of the Govind National Park’s Swargarohini Mountains. With its fair share of waterfalls and rivers, Govind National Park provides trekkers with simple ascents and smooth descents, making it accessible for all ages.

In the backdrop of a bright blue sky, the foliage consists of chestnut, deodar, and sycamore, making the trip a lifetime of memories. As one continues, the trek becomes more interesting as mountains replace hills, while the valley unexpectedly assumes the form of the Har Ki Doon, the “Valley of God,” the cupped palm at the end of the mountains.

Tentative Cost and Items :

The journey is also pocket-friendly with a fast Google browse that pops up for a trip from Dehradun at an approximate figure of INR 10,500 alongside a five percent GST. Trekkers must also ensure the items needed for the trip should be brought with them. A probable list of such products is below.


We will advise trekkers to pack their stuff in a rain filled backpack of about 60 litres in size. Alongside medical supplies and a torch, the backpack should contain a water bottle. Visitors can also bear original proof of identity with them.

For wear, we will suggest thermal wear alongside jackets and warm inner wear throughout the ride. A varied set of waterproof gloves should be used throughout the trip alongside trek pants and t-shirts. Additional trekkers should wear jumper, rain coat or poncho to be on the safe side if the temperature falls. Finally, waterproof trekking shoes and half a dozen socks should be used for the shoes.

For head, trekkers should hold caps alongside a good branded sunglass and balaclava, preferably woollen sun caps. Neck Gaiters will be of good use as well. On the flip side, along with sunscreen cream, sanitizer and wipes for safe living throughout the hike, a decent camera to catch the picturesque valley.