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Good perfect diary foundation to share

perfect diary foundation is generally easier to use, and it is suitable for a wide range of skin types, whether it is dry skin, oily skin or combination skin. The perfect diary foundation of this brand is very light and thin, it will not feel heavy after use, and the risk of floating powder is very low, and the whole makeup looks very docile. It can effectively cover dull skin and some minor blemishes, and the concealer strength is generally quite good. And the durability of the perfect diary foundation is also very good, and there will only be a slight dullness after wearing makeup all day.

The perfect diary foundation is not only very good to use, but its price is also very affordable, you can have it for only a few dozen dollars. And the whole outer packaging looks very tall and does not give people a cheap feeling. However, when choosing a liquid foundation, you must pay attention to the choice of color number. It is recommended that people with fair skin choose the whitest color, and people with black or yellow skin can choose natural color. After applying makeup, in order to make the makeup look More advanced, can be properly matched with setting powder. You can also use a makeup setting spray, which can make the entire makeup more firm.
According to the content introduced above, it can be known that the liquid foundation of Perfect Diary is relatively easy to use, and the price of the liquid foundation of this brand is relatively suitable, which is affordable for most people and will not increase the financial burden. The most important thing is that his makeup is very advanced, it will not make people feel the cheeks, and it will not make the skin worse and worse, and it can also be used for sensitive skin.

It is very moisturizing, the makeup effect is also very good, and the concealer effect is very good. In the future, I will continue to repurchase the powder and apply it to my skin tone. It can modify the skin tone very well, the color is very natural, and it will not float or stick to the powder. It is very cost-effective. It is very worthwhile.
The makeup is very good, and it is not fake, it is recommended to buy it, sisters, don’t worry! If you do a good job of moisturizing, there will be no card powder at all. It will last a long time. I eat hot pot with friends and there is no flower. The liquid foundation is very moisturizing and natural! The overall effect is still good. It is recommended that you buy a good one. This time it is repurchased. It fits the skin very well and is easy to use.

The liquid foundation is quite moisturizing, and it is very light and thin, the powder is quite delicate and not rough at all, there is no heavy feeling, and the concealing power is outstanding. ✂ The fluidity is very strong, and the face is very light. The effect is also good, it feels pretty good, the price is very high, I love this packaging, it is very textured, the high-end sense is arranged immediately, and it is absolutely perfect, the moisturizing effect is super good, and the flawless creamy skin is there. Don’t hesitate.
It will not be false white at all, especially daily, it has been planted for a long time! The skin feels moisturizing and moisturizing on makeup, light and compliant, it’s very good☔It lasts very well and I eat hot pot with friends without flowers. The color number recommended by the merchant is very natural and I am very satisfied☁It is very good after opening the package. Blends naturally with your skin tone