Get Complete Control With USA Dedicated Server Hosting Solution

Completely different from the common physical servers where specific sets of resources are used, USA dedicated server hosting solutions allow the users to exploit the resources of the system to the fullest extent.

USA Dedicated Server works more like a physical server with all the tangible assets being stored on the server. Hosting solutions come with a number of issues that can have a major or a minor effect on businesses. However, by going for a dedicated server hosting solution, you can ensure that you will be getting a completely redundant, influential and high-class infrastructure for all kinds of businesses that you might be doing. As a user, you get complete access to configuration and root which in turn comes as a considerable advantage. Dedicated server hosting solutions are perfect for big websites and companies with the sophisticated flow of traffic.

Why Do You Need the Dedicated Server Environment?

Cheap Dedicated Server environment is one that is held in reserve with a whole set of assets and resources owed to nobody but the client. This basically means that no two users will be sharing memory space, network connectivity and storage. Dedicated server hosting solutions in the United States offer 100% uptime and uninterrupted service. The users who are into handling health archives, confidential administration and financial data controlled information should always go for dedicated servers because of security reasons.

Dedicated server hosting providers in the United States come with the assurance of setting up a standard dedicated server in a matter of few minutes while ensuring that the server offers ultimate performance. Yet another important benefit of going for a dedicated server is that you get best-in-class support services from the teams working for the server hosting providers.

Understanding Operating System, Connectivity and Bandwidth

When it comes to choosing the right OS or operating system for a dedicated server, hosting providers like Onlive Server ensure to provide a large number of choices. You have the option of going for a standard Windows or Linux operating system for your proposed usage. Other operating system options include Centos, Citrix, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, FreeBSD, Debian, Parallels Cloud Server and Ubuntu. In the control panel category, you get Plesk and DirectAdmin. Dedicated servers in the United States are generally located in Kansas City.

Coming to connectivity and bandwidth, bandwidth is the traffic used by the website in a time-space of one month. It controls the data volume that a dedicated server exchanges on the internet. With a USA dedicated server, you get 15 Tb bandwidth, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB storage space and 3.0 Ghz+ CPU speed. You also get 4 cores and all this at 5497 INR monthly.

Some frequently asked questions about USA dedicated server are as follows:

Q: How does a dedicated server work?

Ans: Going for a dedicated server means you are actually leasing an entire physical server. This will give you matchless customization options along with complete control on the server environment.

Q: Is root access to the dedicated server a possibility?

Ans: Yes, you can get full root access to the server but only after your account has been set up.

Q: Why choose a dedicated server?

Ans: Dedicated server hosting packages offer users the possibility of leasing an entire server with proper technical assistance. You get the ability to customize your server depending on your requirements.

Q: What type of applications or software can I run on the server?

Ans: Almost anything that you wish because you will be getting complete access of the entire server.

Q: What are the benefits of a dedicated server?

Ans: Greater reliability, improved performance, data security, and custom installation are some benefits.

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Shivani Bisht
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