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Garden table decoration: 6 decorative ideas to receive in style

Bet on a unique garden table decoration for your exterior. Something to invite your guests in style and create a friendly atmosphere in your home.

Garden table decoration, the extra touch in your exterior

The garden table decoration allows you to welcome your guests in style. You can choose a chic decor for your outdoor table. Small details often make a big difference.

Our decorator Mélanie gives you all her tips for creating a sublime garden table decoration with a few essential decorative objects.

Plants, the natural asset for your garden table decoration

Plants around your table

The decoration around your table is also very important. It allows you to highlight it and add a decorative touch to it.

You can thus add some large plants in one of the corners of your table. This helps to highlight it. Opt for pretty, rather neutral planters that will give a jungle effect to your garden.

Thus, you can play on the accumulation by choosing several large plants to have in the same place. The set adds a touch of nature to your exterior and also relief.

Opt for plants on your table

The decorative plants are found on your table, so you can arrange them in the center of your table to create a plant centerpiece. Bet on a pretty pot cover in accordance with your decorative style. The neutral colors adapt perfectly to the ethnic or even modern decorative style. Opt for color in a more vintage or Scandinavian style.

You can choose pretty tropical plants or succulents depending on your taste. Flowers can also be added to your garden table decoration.

Candles for a convivial garden table

Candles add a cocooning touch to your garden table decoration. Indeed, you can arrange them all along your table to create a bright and cozy exterior.

You can opt for a large glass candle which allows for a single large light to be added.

Otherwise, you can bet on small lights that illuminate the entire table with a subdued atmosphere. They allow you to add a soft light and make your meal all the more convivial.

You can choose to have several candles of different sizes to create contrast on your table. Thus, it is possible to choose pretty colored pots for a more vintage style. Bet on a few touches of color around your candles, or opt for ivy to place all around.

Lamps for a cozy touch on your garden table

How to arrange them?

  • Opt for pretty lamps to place on your table.
  • Bet on large lamps to place around your table.
  • Choose designer lamps for a contemporary style.
  • Arrange lamps and candles on your table for a cozy feel
  • Place pretty light garlands around your table or above it to add subdued light.
  • You can add a small light and decorations in the center of your table to create an original centerpiece.

Choose them according to your style

The lamps adapt to all styles, so you can choose them according to this one to make your exterior to your liking.

You can choose pretty designer lamps for a contemporary style. In a more ethnic style, opt for a pretty lamp in driftwood or with pretty wooden details. For a vintage style, bet on color with a lamp in pastel or brighter colors. Finally, in a more industrial style, bet on an iron lamp that will adapt perfectly to your exterior.

Choose your textiles for your garden table decoration

Opt for the outdoor tablecloth

The tablecloth is also found outside. You can cover your table with it. It adds a decorative touch to your exterior. Bet on a tablecloth that can stay outside, for that favor waxed materials that will resist the rain. Lay out a colorful tablecloth to bring a touch of cheerfulness to your table. Bet on more neutral shades for a more ethnic or natural style.

Opt for a pretty table runner when you receive your guests. This allows you to give the impression that your table is longer. You can opt for a color that contrasts with the color of your table. Place a few candles and decorative objects in addition to your dishes. You will be able to welcome your guests with a pretty garden table decoration. For more detailed information, check now on

The centerpiece, the extra touch

The centerpiece is the perfect element to highlight your outdoor table. You can have some decorative objects and plants to highlight it. So you can add pretty dishes for your guests.

The round centerpiece is perfect for your round table, it allows you to highlight it with taste. You can add a pretty vase with some colorful flowers to finish the look.

Decorative tableware to welcome your guests

Trendy plates, to welcome your guests

Bet on pretty plates for your outdoor table. They allow you to add a convivial spirit to your garden and add a decorative touch. So you can arrange them around the table or stacked in the center. Opt for pretty stoneware plates for a natural style, bet on colored porcelain for a more vintage style.

The total united look

Bet on a set of dishes of the same color. The stacked set adds relief without overloading your garden table decoration. Opt for a rather neutral set to create a natural atmosphere with a seaside or ethnic style. The colored dishes, red, green or even yellow or pink, allow you to add an assumed vintage style to your exterior. Everything goes perfectly with the wood or the bright colors on your garden furniture.

You can also opt for a total patterned look, this gives an original touch to your decorative exterior.

Mismatched dishes

Mismatched tableware adds a touch of originality to your exterior.

Bet on a flat plate and a soup plate together, play on the mismatched spirit thanks to the cutlery, you can choose cutlery with a different style. Opt for plates in different colors from the rest or original glasses with unique shapes. The important thing is not to choose two identical dishes.

Vases and sculptures to add a touch of garden table decoration

decorative sculptures

The sculptures allow you to add a modern and unique touch to your exterior. They can be found around the swimming pool or on the terrace. They can also be placed on the outside table.

Bet on a design sculpture in neutral shades to recall the contemporary style, for a more ethnic style, bet on animal sculptures or marked faces. Arrange the set on your table and add a vase or a light garland to give a decorative centerpiece spirit.

The original vases

You can add pretty original vases for your garden table decoration. Bet on original shapes that will highlight your table. For example, opt for a cactus vase for an ethnic style or a fish vase for a seaside style. 

You can thus arrange them on your table, in the center for example. Remember to add a few light garlands around or in your vase to find the warm spirit.