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Fully upgraded Japan Dedicated Server Hosting provides the best internet connection for your business. The Japan Dedicated Server is our latest model, incorporating all the latest technologies to provide you with the most reliable high-speed connectivity. This includes a powerful CPU, more RAM, and hard drive space than any other server on our market today!

Fully-upgraded Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Hosting is the most reliable, fully-upgraded, and responsive virtual private server hosting provider. Japan Cloud Servers offers you a wide range of features, such as:
Fully-upgraded Dedicated Server is hosting 24/7/365 Support via phone and email.
Network cables & wires are included in the package at no extra charge (we provide them free of charge).

Network Cables & Wires

The network cables and wires connect the server to the network, internet, router, and other devices such as switches and firewalls. These cables are also known as patch cords or jumpers.
The network cable is a thin plastic wire stripped of insulation for connecting various components on your computer system, like hard drives or CD/DVD drives. It can be straight or curly, depending on the length you require.
When installing these wires, you must use crimped connectors because they provide high resistance against corrosion caused by moisture inside them, which might cause damage if not adequately protected from humidity when installed onto your server’s motherboard (motherboard).

Japan Dedicated Server Hosting

Japan is a country that has many people, so its most important feature is how much bandwidth you can use.
However, we have upgraded our network cables and wires to provide you with total unmetered bandwidth! And if something goes wrong during peak hours or at night? We’re always available 24/7/365 days per month via phone call or email—you can even send us an instant message if needed!

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered bandwidth means you can use as much bandwidth as you need. You can connect your website or server and get the resources necessary to run it smoothly 24/7/365.
We provide unmetered bandwidth on all our servers and plans, so there is no limit on how much traffic you can send through our network.
You will have access to a dedicated server, so you do not have to share any resources with other users. This can be very beneficial if you run a busy website or host many files for download—you won’t have to worry about other users slowing down your connection.

24/7/365 Support

We provide 24/7/365 Support for Windows Dedicated Server Hosting and fully upgraded Dedicated Server Hosting. Our team members are available around the clock, 365 days a year, to help you with any questions or issues.

Fully upgraded Japan Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is a fully upgraded dedicated server hosting. We offer the most reliable and secure Japan dedicated server hosting with high performance, low latency, and many other features. The core of our company’s mission is to build a long-term relationship with clients by providing them with professional services at reasonable prices while maintaining world-class standards in customer support service quality
. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers who work hard to make sure that our clients are provided with the best quality services possible. 


Our fully-upgraded Japan Dedicated Server Hosting is made in partnership with the world’s leading cloud provider and offers you high-quality service at an affordable price. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible online experience, so we offer all our customers 24/7/365 Support. If you have any questions about our products or services, please contact us via email or phone!