Five of the best comedy movies of all time

Comedy movies have long been the main content of American films. Although they were important throughout the early 1900s, they are becoming more popular today. That’s why we think it’s time to see the greatest comedy movies so far.

When aggregating the best comedies, comment aggregators take into account a variety of factors: the year the film was released, the number of comments, and the score of the tomato meter. The last one – tomato scoring – is the most important. Summarize all scores from various comments and criticisms into one number. Combined with all these factors, you can score an adjusted tomato for a comedy movies, which is the best comedy movies we will use to rank.

5.The Farewell (2019): 98%
They will soon find that one of their grandmothers will die. This led them to hold a wedding to reunite with her in China for the last time.
This 2019 comedy is praised for its hierarchical family dynamics and easy to resonate themes. Strong acting skills have also been praised, and the ending is also very sad and beautiful.

4.Eighth Grade (2018): 99%
A growing up story, the eighth grade is about a girl struggling with social anxiety. Despite her high school hopes, graduating from high school proved to be a challenge as she tried to connect with her father, practice the confidence she preached online and integrate into it.
The film have won wide acclaim for their true and intimate observation of adolescence. The heroine Elsie Fisher seamlessly integrated into her role, giving eighth grade a more authentic atmosphere.

3.Lady Bird (2017): 99%
Mrs bird had a Sacramento teenager who tried to spend her senior year in a Catholic high school. While it’s exciting to explore romance, join a troupe and plan your future, these experiences are boring because of the complex relationship between the protagonist and his mother.
This vibrant film is well written and well cast, with saorise Ronan as the protagonist. In addition, the aesthetic and layered themes of the early 2000s left a deep impression on critics.

2.Modern Times (1936): 100%
The iconic Charlie Chaplin plays a little tramp in this 1936 farce comedy about a man trying to work in a modern industrial society.
Although modern times is full of funny scenes, it also represents a deeper struggle to spend life during the great depression. This, coupled with Chaplin’s charm and charm, makes modern times difficult to ignore.

1.Singin’In The Rain (1952): 100%
Singing in the rain focuses on the transition between the era of silent films in Hollywood and the era of “audio films” in the 1920s. To this end, the film focuses on an aspiring actress who will complete the dubbing of a woman in a romantic musical.
This 1952 comedy is full of vibrant songs, iconic scenes and unforgettable characters. This helps to consolidate it as a classic.