Five Common HVAC Problems You Should Know About

While some of the HVAC problems are merely about an air duct cleaning service Lakewood, others will turn out to be nightmares if not fixed on time. However, most of these problems can be diminished even before occurring only through simple yet important preventive maintenance. Make sure to call an expert to inspect your air duct at least twice a year to avoid issues during severe weather. Here are some of the most common problems with HVAC units.

Air Duct Cleaning Service Lakewood For Filters

Blocked or dirty air filters are perhaps one of the most common problems which cause the HVAC unit to work improperly. Consult an expert to know how often you need to change your air filters. Moreover, you should also know that some filters are designed in a way that you can reuse them by having an air duct cleaning service Thornton while others should be changed every month or after three months, it depends. One of the top ways to see whether you need to clean your air filters is by checking if light crosses the filters or not. If you don’t see any light through the filters, it’s indeed time to clean them. More because these unclean air filters will power your HVAC unit to work hard as they stop the airflow, or worse, they can cause your unit to freeze.

Air Conditioner Won’t Work

When your HVAC system doesn’t get turned on, you must check the batteries of your thermostat. If the batteries are dead, swap them immediately. However, if you feel that the batteries are in perfect working order, you should check your thermostat’s settings. Or perhaps you can check your circuit breaker if your HVAC unit doesn’t turn on even when the thermostat settings are correct. However, your HVAC unit won’t turn on if the circuit breaker is tripped up.

Pilot Or Ignition Problems

A plethora of causes, such as lack of air duct cleaning service Lakewood can cause problems in the ignition. A pilot outage, heater lockout, short pedaling, or the slow start of the rings can occur due to flare devices, gas rings, or a dull pilot. Moreover, this might actually happen due to wear and tear of any part of the ignition that ought to be replaced or an issue with the gas supply. Whatever, you should always consult an expert to handle such situations as they will have all the necessary tools and skill-set to tackle them.


The drain line in your HVAC system can become clogged hair, grime, and sprinkle, just like your filters. Instantly call an air duct cleaning service Thornton, as when it becomes blogged, the trench pot will eventually fill up, and your HVAC unit will get damaged due to the leakage of water. 

Frozen Evaporator Coil

When your HVAC unit cannot get enough air to function properly, the evaporator coil will ultimately freeze. That will result in your HVAC stopped working as a frozen evaporator coil will eventually cause your unit to freeze. On the other hand, a malfunctioned fan, clogged vents, and dull filters will result in insufficient airflow in the unit. A clean filter is highly crucial for good indoor air quality and best airflow.

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