Familiarize with the Real Corporate World through Live Projects

Live projects are the best ways to implement your theoretical learning into practical working. Live projects are basically working on various projects posted by companies in an online platform. There are various benefits of undergoing training through live projects. The benefits of live projects are not just restricted for the betterment of the aspiring candidates, but the corporate world and the educational institutes also share the benefits. has pioneered in providing an interactive platform where aspiring students can prove their mettle.This platform helps students in strengthening their hold before actually venturing into the real corporate environment.

How Does This Platform Work?

Various companies post live projects on an online platform like based on their individual requirement. The idea behind posting projects is that the companies want to evaluate the competence of students through training. The successful completion of the training enables the companies to choose the right candidates to fill the job requirement.

Benefits Gallery

The benefits of the live projects are as follows:

  • Students are exposed to the challenges and their solutions through training. They learn how to deal with the work pressure without compromising with the quality of work. They become familiar with the code of conduct of the real environment, which makes their chances for getting hired fairer. Improved communication skills and adherence to guidelines are the other advantages of working on live projects.
  • Students spend a lot of time learning the skills of the real corporate world through their curriculum. But this learning may not improve their chances of doing well in a job interview. If a student has the exposure of working on live projects, then it helps in securing a dream job.
  • The participation certificate given for the completion of live projects ultimately proves to be very influential in securing a job. Either the company for which you have done live project hires you or they recommend your name.
  • Students have the comfort of choosing the right project for themselves as the options are abundant on the platform.
  • Students can get paid a stipend for the successful and timely completion of the projects besides getting completion certification.
  • The educational institutions can easily modify their curriculum to match the current demand of the corporate world through the example of live projects. This will help the students to move their career in the right direction with the help of the right curriculum.

Why Take Up?

It is very important for aspiring candidates to choose a correct platform like as big names of the corporate world use this platform to post their requirements in the form of live projects. Students from various streams can opt for a suitable live project on, which is not available with other platforms. Other companies might not provide such a real-world exposure of working in a corporate environment. But sources live projects from industries to give good exposure and great experience to the students undertaking them; thus making them job-ready.

Abhishek Jain
Abhishek Jain
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