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Facilitated, Urban, and Affordable Homes Under MPD in Dwarka


New Delhi Niwas Yojna is a comprehensive residential project presented across the affordable segment of the national capital. An ambitious initiation under the Master Plan Delhi 2021, New Delhi Niwas Yojna is offering homes across 1/2/3/4 BHK at prices determined below the affordable bracket. This Delhi Housing Scheme, embracing the private-public partnership model, will progress in the coalition with the Delhi Development Authority. New Delhi Niwas Yojana, inducing momentum to the “housing for all” mission, will be put together in Dwarka, a southwest district of the capital city holding considerable significance.

As the saying goes, home is indeed one of the most pivotal and lucrative belongings for human beings. Whether it is any multi-storey building in the city or a small house in the outskirts, every home echoes the prominence that it carries in our life. The national capital, given the profound job opportunities, is rightly among the most wanted housing destinations across the country. The demand for decent homes in the capital city, understandably, has always been on the higher side. However, irregular real estate developments in the past few years have contributed to the extension of the bridge between the need and availability of satisfactory homes. Delhi Niwas Yojana is a thoughtfully designed housing project introduced as a credible prospect for narrowing down that enlarging bridge.

Making the way for homes having several floor and payment plans, this Delhi Housing Society will be coming together under the eyes of skilled and well-reputed professionals. Delhi Niwas Yojna, with amenities like swimming pool, garden, gym, clubhouse, and sports court, will surround the offered homes with plentiful modern facilitations. A determining endeavor on the similar lines of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, this affordable housing societ

y will entitle the potential homebuyers to purchase homes in compliance with their family requirements and financial abilities.

New Delhi Niwas Yojana, positioned close to the proposed metro station, will further ensure the residents here of everyday commute convenience through the robust road network connecting all the surrounding regions. Alongside that, the Indira Gandhi International Airport situated nearby will enhance the standards of urban living offered by this Delhi Housing Society. A strategic confluence of reasonability and convenience, New Delhi Niwas Yojna is presenting an ideal prospect of quality living within affordable limits in the national capital.


New Delhi Niwas Yojna, a well-strategized residential project introduced in Dwarka, is offering 1/2/3/4 BHK affordable homes with several modern facilitations under the Master Plan Delhi 2021.

New Delhi Niwas Yojana
New Delhi Niwas Yojana