Elementary knowledge about wigs

In terms of materials, real human hair wigs are made from healthy human hair. It is identical to our own hair and has been specially acid treated, which is healthy. If we touch it after putting it on our scalp, we won’t have an allergic reaction. Note that chemical fiber wigs are nothing like real human hair wigs.

1. Can wigs be combed?

Short, straight hair can be combed with a special steel-toothed comb to avoid static electricity. Curly bangs can be combed with a special steel-toothed comb. The comb should not be used when checking the crimp position. Carry on combing along curly hair with the hand, because hair combs can destroy curly hair effect easily and make hairstyle straighten. Knotting situation can be treated with special steel tooth comb and special nursing solution according to the situation.

2. Do wigs tangle easily? What should I do when tying a knot?

Imported Kanikaron has special properties close to human hair. Human hair often suffers from knots and static electricity. It is recommended to read the “Collection and Maintenance Instructions for Wigs” before wearing them. If your hair gets unexpectedly tangled, simply cover it with a hot towel for a moment and then use a special wooden comb to gently comb the wig. When combing, put it on the hair rack and comb it. First, comb the knots underneath, then comb the roots of the hair from top to bottom without tugging (use in combination with a leave-in conditioner to help with the combing to prevent irritability and keep and extend hair) for life). If it’s curly, divide the wig into two layers. Depending on the original curl, wrap it around your finger or use a tube to hold it for a while,

3. Is it too hot to wear wigs in summer?

The top of the wig is designed with a breathable net cover, which is related to each person’s perception. Many buyers bring a summer, but the summer is very hot and they don’t wear any clothes. It’s more comfortable to wear in an air-conditioned room.

4. Can I wear a wig?

In addition to a high ponytail, you can tie it in any way you like, since a high ponytail will expose the hair net underneath.

5. How long does a wig last?

If you use it regularly and are guaranteed care, a wig can usually last about a year. If you are used to wearing wigs, it is recommended to buy more, and the time zone is different, so the relative use of longer.