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Echemi | A service company for chemical suppliers

Relying on the rich chemical suppliers at home and abroad of the self-operated
team for 15 years, Echemi solves the optimal allocation of global chemical
suppliers through the combination of “Internet + cross-border trade”, allowing
products to go abroad quickly.

In line with the mission of “optimizing global chemical suppliers”, Echemi adheres
to the corporate culture values of “win-win cooperation, professionalism and
efficiency, integrity, continuous learning, diversity and tolerance, and courage to
innovate”, serves chemical companies wholeheartedly, and is committed to “being
global the largest chemical digital ecosystem”.

Quite a proud achievement. Since the epidemic has swept the world, the
atmosphere of the fine chemicals cross-border distribution industry has been
struggling, while Echemi has continued to achieve its own breakthroughs and
rapid growth in the face of adversity. Echemi is listed as TOP66 in the 2020 ICIS
Global Chemical Distributors List, and will rank 55th in the top 100 in 2022, rising
against the trend, and the future can be expected.

Echemi is a chemical supply chain service company headquartered in Hong Kong,
providing chemical raw materials supply, research and analysis marketing,
distribution, logistics, e-commerce and after-sales services. The name comes
from the abbreviation of ” E-commerce of chemical “. At present, the company’s
products mainly cover coatings, food nutrition, fine chemicals, medicine, rubber
and plastics and other fields. In the next ten years, Echemi will focus on supply
chain services, resource optimization and management efficiency to provide
better products and services.