Dwarka Smart City Providing Several Affordable Housing Options For Class Family

The Dwarka Smart City project is being developed by as a part of the MPD 2021 initiative. The objective of the plan is to provide affordable housing.

The Delhi Heights project is one of the projects that are underway as a part of the MPD 2021 (Master Plan Delhi 2021). Affordable housing plan is a part of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi initiative to meet the demand for affordable housing in Delhi NCR region.

Every year the number of middle class people in India grows, and the cost of land makes it impossible for most to buy a house or land. The DDA (Delhi Development Authority) has found a workable solution is with the help of the Land Pooling Policy.

What is the Land Pooling Policy?

The Land Pooling Policy is the means used to make the affordable housing plan a success. With the Land Pooling Policy, land owners/farmers, private builders and private investors are able to work together to create affordable housing projects.

The LPP works under various government guidelines and authorities via the DDA (Delhi Development Authority). Due to the LPP the MPD 2021 (Master Plan of Delhi 2021) can be implemented successfully.

Floor Plan and Payment Plan of Delhi Heights;

Mentioned below here are the floor plans and payment plans of the Delhi Heights project under Dwarka Smart City Development.

The apartment’s size and costs are;

  • 1 BHK (475 sq ft) for Rs-14,01,250/-
  • 2 BHK small (975 sq ft) for Rs- 22,86,250/-
  • 2 BHK large (975 sq ft) for Rs- 34,66,250/-
  • 2 BHK (1475 sq ft) for Rs- 43,51,250/-
  • 3 BHK (1675 sq ft) for Rs- 49,41,250/-
  • 4 BHK (2100 sq ft) for Rs- 61,95,000/-

The payment plans for the apartments are;

  • 1 BHK; Registration 10,000/- 1st week Rs- 2,32,600/-  3rd week Rs- 2,37,500/-
  • 2 BHK; Registration Rs- 20,000/- 1st week Rs- 3,72,600/- 3rd week Rs- 3,87,500/-
  • 2 BHK Registration Rs- 20,000/- 1st week Rs- 4,72,600/- 3rd week Rs- 4,87,500/-
  • 2 BHK Registration Rs- 20,000/- 1st week Rs- 5,72,600/- 3rd week Rs- 5,87,500/-
  • 3 BHK Registration Rs- 30,000/- 1st week Rs- 7,12,600/- 3rd week Rs- 7,37,500/-
  • 4 BHK Registration Rs- 40,000/- 1st week Rs- 8,12,600/- 3rd week Rs- 10,50,000/-

For more information related to the details of the Delhi Heights project contact us. You will receive detailed information related to the project.

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