Do You Know This Special Thing of Magaraleeshwarar Temple?

Secret of Magaraleeshwarar Temple

The Temple “Magaraleeshwarar” is a renowned Shiva temple situated on a destination called nearby Kanchipuram City in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the Paadal Petra Sthalam in the Tondai Nadu region in India admired by the saint Sambandan endowed with divine knowledge in the Tevaram religious song.

Shiva Lingam of This Temple

Distinct any other Shiva Temple, the Shiva lingam of this temple is in the form of the tail of a reptile (Iguana – A Huge Lizard). As per Mythology, it is supposed that Lord Brahma, after performing Pooja to our beloved Lord Shiva, planted a jack fruit plant that would give one fruit each day regardless of the season. King Rajendra Chola was fortunate by the taste of the fruit and he ordered that one person from respectively family should take this fruit on their head to the Chidambaram temple to be offered as offering to the Lord. After the pages, it should be sent to the king at his palace in Thanjavur.

Vastu For Hindu Temple Construction

Each and every temple in India are made as per vastu for hindu temple construction. It is really important to build any house, temple, office should be as per Vastu. This is important because the architecture which is not designed as per Vastu is lead the bad energy.

Hindu Temple Architecture

This is the only reason why temples in India are built as per hindu temple architecture which is a designed as per Vastu for Hindu temple. Not only a temple but also the sculpture of the deity should be crafted as per Vedic rules which is mentioned in our scriptures and mythology. Now let’s talk about the special thing about Magaraleeshwarar temple.

Story Behind the Shiva Lingam of This Temple

This task was very frantic as the path was a treacherous and long one. Unable to accept this hardship to his inhabitants, a bachelor youngster burns the tree, significant the punishment he may face from the king. When he was questioned by the Ruler, the youngster replied that he should have chosen his own soldiers/ envois on horseback for this job instead of troubling the public so he burns the tree.

Kings Decision

On knowing the reason, the king decided to give a humble punishment. He ordered the guy to be an expatriate after covering his eyes. He was made to walk overnight and he was let loose in the early morning somewhere he was, under the state that he should never come back.

Udumbu Shiva Lingam

When the king was coming back to his palace, he saw an Udumbu (A Huge Lizard) with unique yellow skin. He rushed it and it went into the snake pit. Before it could go in totally, the king to aim an arrow and got grip of Huge Lizard’ s tail. Later he found that it got injured in its tail.

Lord Shiva as Udumbu

The Udumbu is supposed to be the personification of Lord Shiva and so the Shiva Lingam looks sharp and shrill like the tail of the huge lizard in this temple. (I.e) the Shiva Linga looks like the later portion of the reptile. Hence the called Udumbu Shiva Lingam.

Goddess of the Magaraleeshwarar

The Goddess deity of the Magaraleeshwarar is recognized as Thiribhuvana Nayaki. Few other features of this temple are that Lord Muruga elegances his followers with Valli and Devayanai sitting on an elephant instead of the normal peacock. Lord Dakshinamoorthy elegances with Veena (Musical instrument) in his hand.

Himani Agyani
Himani Agyani
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