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Delhi Land Pooling Policy and DDA L Zone

The Ministry of Housing has given approval of Delhi land pooling policy under MPD of 2021. As per record accommodation of 76 lakh people of Delhi and NCR is pending, and hence, DDA, last month, had passed a policy to provide them affordable housing units. It is not just about the land acquisition, the infrastructure projects would also become easier to pull off with this policy, as it opens new avenues of investment. Due to lack of accommodation in Delhi, the Govt.finalized the development of L- zone which would be the largest of the 15 Zones of Delhi to be converted into a smart city.

DDA L Zone, people are very much aware of the LPP topic in the capital nowadays, and going through the information put into this portal is the best to approach to understand it. In brief, you will get to know what exactly land pooling is, and how it can be advantageous for all income groups.

Conceptually, this policy includes assembling of small land chunks, purchased by owners, for development of new infrastructure.  After completion of the development over the land, the Land Pooling Policy agency redistributes the land after taking some charges of compensation for infrastructure costs.

This policy brings to develop and reduce the load on the existing over-populated area in Delhi. You should know the advantages of buyers via Land Pooling Policy. Landowners, who sell 2 to 20 hectares of land for development, will receive 48% land back, and those owners giving more than 20 hectares of land would get 60 percent or more than 60% of their pooled land back after completion of development. DDA has 20,000 hectares of land which it has developed in North West, North, some parts of South West Delhi, and West Delhi covering more than 89 villages, and it will definitely bring a smile on people’s face in Delhi.

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