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You can have strict control over the travel expenses of your organization by adopting an effective travel expense management system. Travel expense management system of your organization can be a tricky process if you are relying on an outdated or inefficient system. It is very important for any organization to maintain and manage the way travel expenses are addressed. Corporate travel expense management system should be designed in such a way that it effectively addresses the problem areas and puts the correct solution for each problem.

Why the Traditional Systems to Manage Corporate Travel Expenses Fail?

The best way is to plan ahead of a journey, but this cannot be always possible as business trips are sometimes unplanned and are arranged at the eleventh hour. Hence, the focus should be on other vital areas that can reduce the burden of expenses significantly. There are some other significant areas that can certainly reduce your overall corporate travel spend like – tightening the travel policy, pre-approval travel process, savings on air-tickets, cutting the hotel cost, setting transparent and realistic allowance system for food and transport, etc. You should clearly understand that if your business is relying on inputting the information manually, then errors will surely occur. Human errors are unavoidable and bound to occur, especially when you have to manage the record of a large number of employees. A lot of money mattersare involved in managing the travel expenses of any corporate houses. The monetary budget will be affected if travel management is taking place with the manual process.

Automated Corporate Travel Expense Management System Is the Need of the Hour!

The current era is ruled by technology and digitization. Every segment of the society is governed by technological alternatives for the manual processes. Travel expense management can also be done via automated travel expense management systems. It is really possible to have control over the tricky process of travel expense management via automated software.

Easy Corporate Travel Expense Management

As a corporate entity, there are many areas where you have to control huge expenses by adopting an effective management system. Travel expenses are one of the major expenses of any company, and their automation will let you have more control over these expenses. Travel management software programs allow you to send images of travel receipts, and they also create relevant expense categories. Your business travelers can record every spending they do on these automated systems, which helps you to manage the expenses while your executives are traveling. These systems will also help you in implementing your spending policies form the point of purchase to settlement. It becomes much easier for you to track trips with the help of the travel management tools of any such automated system. An automated expense management system makes you understand the impact of these expenditures on your profitability and overall financials.


Tess360 is an automated SaaS based solution for automating the travel authorization/reimbursement processes. From searching of flights to the booking of the hotels; everything can be done from within the Tess360 app. Travelers can even submit their expense report in Tess360, which can be approved by their reporting managers to eventually get the reimbursement.

The days of paper receipts and manual management of travel expense management are gone, and you should also follow the current trend of the automated systems. A software-based management system will save your time significantly that you used to spend in checking the relevant facts and file arranging. A simplified corporate travel expense management system will help you in focusing your time for the profitability of your company.

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