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Common MacBook Pro Wi-Fi Problems

Are those Wi-Fi issues affecting your Mac right now? For instance, your MacBook Pro may not connect to wifi, may be connected but not connected to the internet, may have extremely slow network speeds, etc. Let’s explore more in apple macbook pro repair.

We’ll show you a few ways in this guide to take matters into your own hands and find a solution because nobody likes to just keep refreshing a website and hoping the Wi-Fi will fix itself in the meantime.

Knowledge Time about Wi-Fi: WiFi Explorer can be used to troubleshoot network connections at home or in the workplace. It’s a great tool that displays network activity and assists you in troubleshooting it as necessary. The app provides a wide variety of in-depth information about all of your Mac networks nearby, including information about their band, signal quality, range, security status, etc. 

Your maximum internet speed is determined by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), but how much you use the internet at home eventually determines how well your connection works. Whatever your provider advertises will always be more expensive than the prices you actually pay, but you can always make changes on your end to speed up the process. 

Internet performance and bandwidth are not the same thing. Your bandwidth decides how much information can travel at that speed, whereas Internet speed refers to how quickly data can move through your network. Although a larger bandwidth allows you to send more data requests at once, making your link appear faster, it is not worthwhile to pay for if you only use your Mac for Facebook and email.

Even if using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy, it’s crucial to access secure networks. Although it may be alluring to connect to the free Wi-Fi at the coffee shop, doing so exposes your computer to risk because malicious users may try to access the common network and intrude. If you must use one of these networks, a proxy server or virtual private network (VPN) can shield your computer by separating it from other links.

  • Connection Problems: 

First problem: actual router interference

Cause: A router transmits electromagnetic waves, but these can be hindered by thick walls or other significant obstructions, like a row of metal filing cabinets.

How to Fix: You should relocate your router to a more accessible and central location if it is currently hidden behind a file cabinet, in a closet, or in another awkward location. Think about where you’re seated if your router is already in a space that is relatively clear. Can you move closer to the router or reduce the space between you and it?

If you can’t seem to move the router to a position without too much interference, you might want to think about buying an extension.

Problem 2: Interference from nearby routers

Cause: As we already mentioned, a gateway transmits electrical signals. These waves travel at specific frequencies, and other electrical devices like microwaves or your neighbor’s router may interfere with them.

How to Fix: The majority of routers have certain bands pre-calibrated or have channel-selection software built in. However, there are a few steps you can take to manually change the channel.

Find out your router’s IP address as the first step. In addition to checking in System Preferences (System Settings on macOS Ventura and higher) > Network > Advanced > TCP/IP > Router, you can also look this up on the router itself.

Step 2: Enter the IP address that was copied into your browser’s address bar. You will be taken to the router’s options;

Step 3: Choose the station of your choice. Given that many frequencies are overlapping, be careful to pick a channel 5 to 7 away from the original.

Problem 3: A broken modem or MacBook Pro

Cause: It’s not your responsibility if there doesn’t seem to be a reason why your Wi-Fi shouldn’t function. Sometimes an unexpected error occurs on the MacBook Pro, the router, or both of them. These errors are undetectable to the naked eye and are difficult to pinpoint exactly what went wrong.

How to Fix: Your computer and network are your best bets for resolving issues of this nature.

We hope apple macbook pro repair was helpful information.