Checkout the features that a food delivery app must have!

Long gone are the days where foodies needed to stand in never-ending queues to enjoy their favourite food. Now, with the help of food delivery apps, users can order anything online and at any given time. 

Demand for food delivery service provider apps is increasing continuously, and they tie-up with the local & famous restaurants. 

 Many restaurants are also focusing on developing mobile applications for their business to reach their loyal customers in many ways. 

For developing a user-friendly food delivery app with advanced features for business, the food delivery app development team keeps focusing on the new technological trends. 

If you have interest in knowing the key features that make a food delivery app the best in the market, go through the article, which contains the details of the components of food apps.

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Why are food delivery apps profitable?

Along with increasing demand for digital platforms, people are also getting less time to perform their daily activities. As a result, they found themselves dependent on various mobile applications, and the food delivery app is one of them.  

More & more people daily use these applications to get their meals on time. You need to do a few swapping on your mobile app. The continuous increase in the uses of these applications helps the food industry become the most profitable one. 

Now, let’s talk about the essential features to be inserted in a food delivery application.

Features that must be included in every food delivery app

  • GPS & location

In the food delivery business, time and distance are extremely crucial. As a result, it’s critical to make it simple for customers to use their GPS to locate nearby restaurants. 

Customers can identify the nearest outlet and receive on-time delivery using GPS-based or locality-based store selection. It also tells the time taken by the delivery person to reach the destination.

  • Offers & promo code 

Offers & discount codes are essential in food delivery applications. You can give these offers in various ways like in first order through mobile apps, ordering above a certain amount and many more. 

The offers, discounts & cashback may be available for regular users as a reward for their brand loyalty. 

  • The simple order placement process

The order placement process must be available in simple steps for the customers as users prefer more convenience in an app. 

Saving past orders, address locator, keeping multiple delivery addresses, and other relevant information in the control panel can fasten the online order processing.

  • Multiple payment options

A user-friendly application always has multiple payment options available in it. Options like- online payment, cash on delivery, card payment & others. Options in payment makes things easier for users. 

  • Live tracking

After successful order placement, users are supposed to get the live tracking feature. Users should be able to view delivery riders’ location, current order status, and other relevant details. 

The feature of notifying the exact delivery time and the time of the delivery rider will not only make the delivery process more smooth but would also develop customer loyalty. 

  • Social media linking

A food delivery app must-have social media integration as it allows its customers to post the photos & reviews of the food they order by tagging them. This will indirectly help in increasing more customers. 

  • Add favourites

It allows users to mark their favourite food items & the restaurants, which will work as a reminder to eat your favourite dish once a week. It can also notify when the restaurants will have a special discount. 


As an owner of a food business, you must want to create a food delivery app that will enhance the growth of your business. 

If you want to strengthen the working of your business through the latest technology, then select the best company for the same. 

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