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Can You Get a Refund for a Delayed Flight?

Airlines worldwide have their trust reputation. They maintain their company by proving their dedication to services. People fly overseas and foreign all year round, however in case of poor weather conditions, pandemics; lockdowns, corrupted connection signals or sorts of network issues flights are often delayed. There are misconceptions about what people mostly know about flight delays and refunds.

The Refund Law

According to the European Regulations, in case your flight was delayed due to the pandemic, the airlines within 7 days give you a full refund. The airline is compelled to provide you with your cancelled flight money. Referring to the Passenger Rights EC261 it is well clear that the airlines are obliged to give a refund. You can also refer to a Flight Delay Claim during situations in which airlines are irresponsible in their actions.

Situations in Which Refunding is Valid

You can claim your refund if the flight is delayed more than 5 hours and 3 hours at departure and arrival respectively. Other than this, you have authority over your half refund if you have travelled about half of your flight or an immediate landing has occurred.

If there had been a problem with the plane, the airline is at fault. They are responsible to accept your refund claim in case of cancellations. You can either wait for your flight or cancel the journey, which is up to you. You should get informed within 2 hours to 2 weeks maximum before your refund is valid.

The Obligations of Airlines

Airlines are obliged to provide you with some food and drink while you wait for the delay. In serious cases, they manage to get hotels and rooms booked for their passengers. They are supposed to pay back for your reasonable expenses and not the excessive luxuries you might have taken. If the passenger is not given any aid during the delay, the airlines are held responsible. They will provide you with ways to contact and inform you through phone calls. No matter which company airline you choose, they are responsible to manage a replacement flight back home or to your destination.

The Method to Ask for Refund

Instead of uncooperative feedback on some other platform, it is better to discuss this issue with a licensed agent, or contact them through email, phone number, whatsoever available. You will have to remain patient until, by the end of the flight, you can ask for your delayed refund. Email them by mentioning your flight details, plane seat and documents required. The airline staff will get to you soon enough.

Calculated refund money will be according to the plane ticket you have purchased. Moreover, if you do take the flight instead of cancellation, then you can ask for no more than £300 maximum refund.

Compensation and Insurance

The insurance company you have contacted for your travel package might manage the amount of your cancelled flight because their policies also cover cancellations and delays during your journey. They help you back up.