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Best Tips for Buying New Domain Name

Top Tactics Of Purchasing Domain Name Online

When you are planning to check your domain name, it is very important to make sure that you are looking for something that is more than just an address for your sites. A domain name is going to work as the anchor of your brand for many years to come. You can think of it as the online identity of your brand that will separate you from other companies in the market. Therefore it is essential that you spend some quality time thinking about your domain name these days.

With the help of a domain name, you can build your own credibility in the online space. For that, it needs to be unique, creative, and very easy to remember so that people can instantly think of your brand when they hear it. If you are planning to buy or Check Domain Name Online, then you have a good challenge in front of you. To help you select the right name, here are some brilliant tips that you should check out now.

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1. Check the Competitors – in order to decide which is going to be a suitable domain name for your brand, you should first check out how your competitors have named their domain. Any kind of keywords they would include or a domain extension they use will be of great help in identifying the right domain name for your business. Domain names are majorly based on the industry you are in or the kind of products or services you provide to the people. If you are working in the coffee industry, then you’ll see that your competitors have any kind of related keywords that go well with coffee. Use the Media Temple’s domain name search tool and check the availability of a domain.

2. Should Be Easy to Remember – even if your website has good rankings on the search engine, it is still very important to have a domain name that is easy to remember. This can probably mean that you have to limit your creativity by some margins. But it will ensure that people can easily talk about your brand. Domains with odd spellings, different words, complex pronunciation and multiple hyphens can be very difficult to find at times. Hence, it ruins your brand image and does not allow the general audience to deliver word of mouth.

3. Try to Keep It Short – as we mentioned above, a good domain name should be easy to remember. In order to make it more memorable, you can definitely shorten the name. If there are multiple names in your website domain, then people can forget the whole thing, or it is very easy to mismatch the name. We are not telling you to use only one word for the name of your domain. But it should not be too long as well. You should develop a good strategy and find out the best short names possible. Finding a short domain can work wonders.

4. .com is Not the End – it should be kept in mind that .com is not the end. There are several other ways in which a domain name can be formed. If you visit the Domain Name Registration Sites, then you’ll see that people have used several other ways to address their domain name. As the internet has spread drastically to almost every corner of the world, new domain extensions are being released on a regular basis. There are nearly 300 such extensions which you can choose from. Using something else than .com can make a huge difference because your name will be unique & attract more people to your business website.

5. Go through Social Media Handles – before you register your idea for the domain name, it is important to spend some time looking at some social media handles. It is considered ideal to have a domain name that matches with the social media handles in order to create a stronger identity in the online world. All the visitors will have better confidence when searching for your website if your domain name is quite similar to your social media. This is because it helps to inflict a familiar feeling. In this case, once again, you can analyze how your competitors have created their domain names, matching them with their social media.

6. Avoid the Trademarks – when picking a new domain name, it is important to avoid any kind of trademarks that exist already. You might be thinking that using a popular name in your domain can help to increase its visibility, right? But that is not the case. By doing so, you are increasing your chances of getting a legal notice from the license holder of the trademark brand. This will put you on an endless list of legal obligations that you have to clear out. So, you should never use a trademark name. There have been many cases where small companies were sued by top enterprises for taking their name or domain name for quick popularity.

Each day, thousands of domain names are getting registered around the world. If you are planning to start an online business, then it is high time that you create one for yourself also. There are many websites and software that allow you to Check Domain Name Online in order to be sure that your name is unique. Use them before you start using someone else’s domain and get in trouble in the near future.

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