Brand X Huaraches Is Proud To Be Recognized As A Top Huaraches Manufacturer

Huaraches have evolved quite significantly. They used to be a humble Mexican sandal, and now they’re a trendy shoe in the United States. But a lot of huaraches are mass-produced and made using cheap leather. Brand X Huaraches, on the other hand, is committed to standing apart from the crowd. They utilize high-quality raw materials and consistently provide expert workmanship. Here are more reasons why Brand X Huaraches is a recognized huaraches manufacturer.

“Brand X Huaraches can be found in many upscale boutiques and catalogs. Our huaraches are high-quality in numerous respects. Each pair of our Mexican huarache sandals is made using high-quality vegetable-tanned leather, which is incredibly soft and designed to fit the wearer’s feet perfectly. Vegetable tanning gives the shoes their vibrant color, as well as their ability to wick away moisture. Vegetable-tanning is a time-consuming process, but it gives the sandals a more natural feel and makes them smell great,” says a spokesperson for Brand X Huaraches.

The sandals are handwoven using a single strand of leather. There’s no glue; the leather is pretty much the only material utilized. The leather insole and midsole combine to form a comfortable footbed that molds to the bottom of the feet. The huaraches are attached to Italian micro-tech outsoles, and these make them durable.

Huaraches leather sandals were originally intended to be worn by farmers and Mexican workmen who needed to protect their feet from the harsh sun. These sandals were originally made using rubber obtained from tires, as well as leather. Over time, these were upgraded with amazing designs and unique craftsmanship. Making huaraches is a skill that’s been passed through the generations,” adds the spokesperson.

The intricate weaving pattern makes the sandals extremely flexible, and it allows the feet to breathe freely. These sandals are ideal for beachgoers.

About Brand X Huaraches:

Brand X Huaraches is an online store selling a range of huaraches Mexicanos at affordable prices. Their Mexican sandals are designed in California and handwoven in Mexico by local artisans who have been weaving them for decades.

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