Brand X Huaraches Is Offering a 55% Discount on Huarache Sandals

Oakland, CA ( )  – Brand X Huaraches is committed to celebrating and honoring the traditional sandal-making craft that pre-dates the European colonization of Mexico. But they also build on the past with unique designs and innovations, like extra cushioning and top-quality arch support. And right now, this online huaraches seller is offering 55% off their exclusive range of huarache sandals for women and men.

“Our huarache sandals are designed in California but made in Mexico by local artisans who have been weaving them for decades. These handmade sandals are made using high-quality vegetable-tanned leather. The sandals are extremely flexible and cushioned with Italian micro-tech outsoles. The intricate weaving patterns our huarache Mexican sandals incorporate will allow your feet to breathe freely,” says a spokesperson for Brand X Huaraches.

Brand X Huaraches was started in 1973 by Ronn Simpson and his wife, Marcela. Ronn, inspired by the summers he spent in Mexico, decided to sell the country’s traditional footwear to Americans. But rather than selling factory-made huaraches that are made using inferior leather, he committed to providing quality sandals at the best price. Each pair of Mexican huarache sandals is handwoven with a single piece of leather. As for the quality of the leather, it is tanned using natural resources instead of chemicals.

“Vegetable tanning gives our huarache Mexican shoes a vibrant color and the ability to wick away moisture. More importantly, vegetable tanning allows the leather to mold to the shape of the foot for an excellent and comfortable fit,” adds the spokesperson.

Brand X Huaraches sells a wide range of sandals and Mexican handicrafts, including huarache sandals for women and men and bags.

About Brand X Huaraches

Brand X Huaraches is an online seller of authentic huarache sandals. They’re made in Mexico and designed in California.

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